Is Allegiant Air down? ❌


Allegiant Air is an American ultra-low-cost airline that operates scheduled and charter flights to various destinations within the United States. The airline is known for its budget-friendly fares and point-to-point service model, which focuses on connecting smaller airports to popular leisure destinations

No problems at Allegiant Air


#Raiders fans don’t get scammed by ticket brokers. @Allegiant offers ticket packages to every home game that includes air fare and hotels. Also waiting helps. Don’t buy tickets for week 16-18 games when many teams play backup players or meaningless games. Wait prices go down


Hey @Allegiant I’m a first time customer who needs to change the date of my return. Website keeps giving me an error. Can you help?


Hey @Allegiant is there a way we are supposed to handle passenger count discrepancies besides counting the same people over and over again? There is clearly an error - what is the system for fixing it?!? #hourandahalfandcounting #errorshappenbuthaveawaytofixit


Apparently, it's some kind of AT&T outage this morning. AT&T is like the Allegiant Airlines of cell phone companies. Gotta make the switch to Tmobile where Tmobile even partners with Delta Airlines for free wifi and texting in-flight


Verizon provides successful high-speed network service during Super Bowl LVIII using in-building network and 250 5G radios • Verizon successfully provided high-speed network service to customers attending the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, mitigating potential communication issues caused by the large crowd. • The company deployed an in-building network at Allegiant Stadium and utilized approximately 250 5G radios to deliver mmWave, a high-frequency type of 5G, ensuring reliable connectivity for attendees. • While mmWave offers the fastest 5G speeds, it has limited stability and connectivity, and is not yet widely supported or available in all devices, particularly unlocked models like the Pixel 8. • When considering a new phone purchase, it's important to keep mmWave technology in mind, as it may only be available in higher-tier models, but its inclusion is likely to increase in upcoming devices.


And now @Allegiant won’t let me update any details out of my flight tomorrow via app or phone as there is an error they don’t want to fix.