Is Amazon Prime Video down? ❌


Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service offered as part of Amazon's Prime subscription. It provides members with access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, original content, and more for streaming over the internet

No problems at Amazon Prime Video


The quality of my #AmazonVideo has been awful for the last few weeks. The audio cuts in and out and some videos just don’t play. Other streaming service work fine. Is anyone else having issues?


When you buy a movie on Amazon video you don't actually own that movie. If there service goes down you won't have access to that movie. If Steam goes down you don't have access to those games you purchased. What do we actually, "own" anymore?


#UpdateNews TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader Windows and Mac Upgraded to Version 2.1.2 📷 What's new? 1. Fix the download failure issue when selecting H265 encoding. 2. Fix other bugs. Please download the latest version from:


So netflix is not working. I guess I'll just switch to the amazon video 🙄 #Netflix