Is Apple Maps down? ❌

Apple Maps is a mapping and navigation application developed by Apple Inc. It is available on Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Apple Maps provides users with maps, directions, location-based services, and features to help them navigate and explore their surroundings

No problems at Apple Maps


Apple Maps offline mode is impressive. It can do transit routing and stores reviews and descriptions for most businesses.


#TopTipThursday #TTT #AppleMaps #AppleUsersOnly Did you know you could use your Apple Maps now without WIFI or mobile data? To do this, just open the app, go to your profile icon, select Offline Maps, choose an area to download, and select Download Map.


Apple Maps trying to be cool? Welcome to Europe, @Apple. Fix soon? ;-) #PublicSuperchargingInEurope 🇪🇺 Also Roye, is NOT online yet! all info supplied by @vicdsmt 📸


Apple Maps showing the actual bus replacement route* is nice! Google still shows it as another “train”.


im trying to like apple maps but its just not working for me


Apple Maps clandestinely deleting the offline maps you previously downloaded before the first opportunity you have to really make use them is actually such a funny goof on the part of Apple Company


My Apple Maps is not working 🫠 wtf


Interesting fact I noted from my travels: Europe, US: Apple Maps is on par, (and most times, better actually) than Google Maps. Africa: Google Maps beats Apple Maps, hands down.


sometimes i falsely report a speed check on apple maps bc slow tf down


Sometimes Apple Maps be tripping be making you take a long *** trip


Apple Maps will send you on a cross country roadtrip when you’re just trying to go 10 mins down the road like wth


I didn’t know Apple Maps had an offline mode.


why wont apple maps let me download a offline map of warsaw? i can get one for anywhere else in poland but not there ?


I love how Apple Maps is literally taking me down a creek🤣🤣 I turned, btw lol


Tech is starting to glitch—Apple Maps won’t pull up on my phone.


Network connection - restarts itself Airdrops - fails regularly idk the reason Storage - Some ****** apple maps using 7GB of my storage space and can’t even delete or remove the app to free the space Camera quality - sucks after few updates Heating Issues - while charging


Why is Apple Maps not working in Ghana . #Apple


Apple Maps so trash like wtf


I fcking HATE Apple Maps. Dumbest **** ever like they need to fix that broke *** ****. Charging all this for money phones and y’all dumb *** software don’t even work correctly like i hate them.


Apple maps have an offline option?!


I finally see people issues with Apple Maps lately mine been tripping just giving me crazy routes


Just an FYI regarding the ATT cell dropout today - you can download offline Maps on Apple Maps, that way if you ever lose cell service you can still functionally use your phones GPS. It also helps when you are in the mountains in areas that don’t have cell coverage. 💅


Sometimes we need to ask why, or does the saying don’t fix what’s not broken imply: It’s weird that Apple as a big company with lots of data has Apple Maps, but everyone still uses Google Maps on iPhone and Apple hasn’t figured out a solution yet to improve their maps


If you download your Apple Maps with offline maps, your GPS will still work without cell phone service. Skype, and Google Voice etc, will call landlines with WiFi. #ATTdown


Crazy my hone is wiry Verizon but my Apple Maps was tripping hard last night. Wake up and AT&T service is out.. what is going on


A Private, Offline, Open-Source Alternative to Apple Maps and Google Maps


Hey @AppleSupport many of the Apple Maps speed limits for New Zealand are very wrong. (A few months ago many speed limits were changed.) I can't see anywhere in Maps to report this but it seems like a pretty big safety issue.


wtf google maps is down. wow! Welp guess im trying out apple maps. Kinda need something right now.