Is Dodo down? ❌


Dodo is an Australian internet service provider (ISP) that offers a range of communication and internet services to individuals and businesses. It has been known for its budget-friendly broadband and related offerings

No problems at Dodo

Past Incidents


These are issues, however the biggest issue with scamming currently is customer service call centers. It's very common for them to sell the contact information of customers to scammers. To get serious about scammers, customer service call centers have to go the way of the dodo


#4chan has flipped these pepeverse fooks. flipped #snibbu thats ok its 4chan, flipped #dodo thats ok, its 4chan. flipped eth #mumu thats ok, its 4chanmemes. you know whats next. all memes are born from #4chan #4CHANVERSE. its never too late to come home


The only dodo here is her IQ but then again there’s a probability of it always being error 404


so Gigantic cannot start without its servers so yeah this game is gonna die twice. Servers are currently offline and i hope they can fix them soon. But once they are, make the most out of the game unless they change this **** cause its gonna go way of the dodo again later.


Network issues here and there.. making life so uncomfortable🤦‍♂️But guess what? Dodo says don’t worry kraaa!! Just dial *988# and access their services asap🥂 Register here: #TellpadiGetmoney


With the new short code generated by @fidocredit, no need to stress to apply or repay your loan due to internet issues. Just use the code *998# to access your dodo account #WeGotYourBack Link here :


R2bees and wizkid= tonight is one of the hottest Collab with the Ghanians ❤️


Yeah my 3 ping would be great IF IM NOT PACKET BURSTING EVERY 5 seconds. Fix your servers #ActivisionBlizzard


How To Fix Skull and Bones DODO-FFF0BE2B – Failed To Join Game Session RT


Price is going up but delta is going down down down down down down dodo down $CL 🛢️🛢️🛢️


If it’s not working, then they’ll not keep going back you’re a dodo


I thought I’d have no phone this morning with the #optus outage. Thank goodness for #dodo wifi! 👋