Is iiNet down? ❌


iiNet is an Australian internet service provider (ISP) that offers a range of telecommunications and internet services to residential and business customers. It has been a prominent player in the Australian telecommunications market, known for its broadband and related offerings

No problems at iiNet


Haha… just had iiNet text me saying the NBNco is investigating the outage in my area. Easy to check the outage… look at the ******* news. We got hit by a tornado!


iinet was down for 24hrs. The called it a 'minor outage'


Well, @iiNet, my wifi is down yet again. If it stays down for long - it was five days last time - my deadline, my reputation and my income will be shot ...


Hey @iiNet, you have been failing to fix my internet service for 9 days straight. Countless calls to your support team, 4 support technicians sent out, still no optical signal in my property. Every new call for help starts as if nothing happened, no sense of urgency… nothing…


Seems like @iiNet is down currently


Worst provider ever @iiNet they failed every point. Lying about delivery, speed, no promise about network or callback. 4hr Vodafone 5g outrage, tech said or sry nbn is down, our portal down. So, incompetence never on record, fcking hang up


Hey @iiNet having problems with my 4G phone only getting data and texts, can't make phone calls. Talking to tech support via email has not helped me. If I buy a cheap phone that will fit my sim card will it work so I can call tech support?


The @NBN_Australia is a piece of garbage, in the last 5 months we had two storms, at the first lightning it goes out, last time out for few days, this time who knows. NBN says no outages at my address, WRONG, no internet. It was better when I had just broadband from @iiNet.


Internet down. @iiNet say they’ll take 48 hours for technical support to even look into it?? Unbelievable. Not good enough.