Is Optus down? ❌


Optus is a major telecommunications company in Australia that provides a range of communication and entertainment services to individuals, businesses, and government organizations. It is known for offering mobile, broadband, and other related services

No problems at Optus


Is #Optus down again?


classic @Optus cutting my internet connection for nearly 24 hours. 6 phone calls and multiple live chats later, their representatives keep saying there's no outage for my area, that on their end I'm connected, and repeatedly "Resolving" my case even though I have no internet


Don't forget boys and girls Optus had a major data breach and a major outage in the last six months.


Anyone with optus and their wifi not working at all???


After the Optus Hacking scandal, you think .@Optus .@optus_help would learn about issues that can escalate. What is happening with emails? They are not working, coming through, missing. Will you address the problem publicly with an update? #optusoutage


.@optus_help .@Optus There is nothing on your website or socials about the email outage that's been occurring for hours now. Can you tell us what is happening? @7NewsSydney @9NewsSyd #optus #optusoutage


Is something wrong with #Optus #Email Servers? Have anybody else experiencing any problems with Sending and Receiving emails now? #auspol #Internet


So for the last 2 weeks, there's been a surge in spam emails through the #Optus network. And today, there is a problem with the servers. I'm glad I don't solely rely on this email for work stuff.🙄


Hi @Optus , @optus_help - are your mail servers currently down (NSW Australia)??


Seems @optus have been experiencing a mail services outage for the last couple of weeks. Multiple customers affected, but not all and not consistent. They've been keeping very quiet about this...


Hey @Optus are you aware of the network issues? Internet is very slow and barely can send a message. Also Downdetector shows massive reports of people facing issues.


Internet outage in the area for hours now, NBN says oh go check for more information with your provider, Optus just shoves you off back to the NBN site - ******' fantastic lads, guess we'll never know what the issue is or when we'll get connect back, good work.


About time we got "live" network status details. It's farcical during outages not knowing at which end the problem is at. #Optus


Post Optus triple zero outage, we're getting a body to run 000. Go back to the PMG?


Is anyone else having prolonged problems sending email from Optus email addresses?


Anyone else experiencing @optus internet outages.


Still no update on the 2 week email/webmail outage (but bombarded with ads) @Optus @optus_help


Is anyone else’s Optus internet down?


Optus landline internet is completely down this is not cool @optus_help @Optus it keeps cutting out late at night when im working, 3rd time in 8 days


optus is having texting issues to other networks again?? the website says no?


So there’s some rain in melb today- what does that mean? @NBN_Australia and @Optus internet not working !!! Still waiting for the technician that was meant to arrive on Tuesday to come and fix the NBN dropout issues… we have not had reliable connection for 4 years !


With the Optus email outage looking indefinite ("no ETA"), I'm using my gmail. Any PRs who need the address, pls DM


What a joke @Optus is when it comes to technical support for email issues. Trying to help my father in law resolve an email issue and they think these support hours and options are good customer service #joke #hopeless


I’ve tried not to put this via social media but enough. Been without internet since Wednesday. @Optus told us to do various things nothing has worked. NBN been out Optus saying it was their issue. Not NBN issue very nice technician went through everything. It’s an Optus issue.


Not Optus sending bill reminders during an email outage 😥 @Optus


Hi @optus_help 👋🏻 My emails are not sending this morning. Is there a system wide issue? Kind regards, A languishing OPTUS customer 😫


Anyone else having issues sending emails with @Optus atm?


So. @Optus is currently attempting to tell me that the ongoing ‘weekday’ network service degradation issues which occur between 2:30 pm and 4:00pm are my fault due to a ‘lack of line of sight to the network towers’. … because clearly my apartment moves between these times :/


#Optus and #Vodafone network experience network connection issues.


Welp, my internet went out for 20 minutes or so... Optus' back again with it's monthly internet outage 👍 #melbourneweather #internetdown