Is TPG down? ❌


TPG Telecom Limited, commonly known as TPG, is an Australian telecommunications and IT company that provides a range of communication, internet, and technology services to individuals, businesses, and government organizations

No problems at TPG

Past Incidents


Noticed using TPG email through The Messaging Company over third party client and across the email website there has been a lot of connectivity issues with the server connection connecting every so often but this morning the issue with connection seems to be ok and steady now


you haven’t spelled the name to your album correctly once today, time to put the phone down


Have been moved from tpg to messagingcompany. Disaster at time of move, and today when customers have been denied access with problems re passwords &c. Grrr! Can't find the website which will apparently tell me when/if it's getting fixed. Grrr! Grrr!


Hi @turbotax @TeamTurboTax...Can you help me get into contact with your partner company Tax Products Group (TPG)? The contact info you provided in your email doesn't get me into contact with them and there was an error on the coding of my Tax Return deposit that I need fixed.


Hey @tpg - Anyone there? We called and were left on hold for >1hour. Your app doesn’t seem to work. We have no Internet. What’s going on?


I love it when your own service provider doesn’t recognise an outage in your area @tpg