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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing service offered by Amazon. It provides a wide range of cloud services, including computing power, storage, and databases, as well as analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools

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if you are so smart. https://t.co/OHO52UOkJS can you tell me why i am getting this error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 () https://t.co/SJS1QoYcmP let me know... aperrently vercel sucks huroko scams, and aws and microsoft wanna take over


The potential for AWS EC2 bandwidth costs to escalate without limit has always concerned me, even though many users argue it's impossible. I have written a method to address this issue. https://t.co/J7wOgJy8uc

Sohaib Aslam@sohaibsameja

AWS VPN is not working in Pakistan. This is crucial for IT service providers. This is damaging our ability to work. @shazbkhanzdaGEO @FrontlineKamran @GeooNewsEnglish

Michael Bierbaumer@biermic

My Saturday: Start with an outage, fix it. Discover another unrelated issue, fix that too. Feeling like a superhero until AWS decides it's hardware refresh time. Now, staring at inconsistent data before breakfast. https://t.co/3hD9IiBqUA

Kyle Galbraith@kylegalbraith

Wow. It's been a bit since I've been in the AWS Lambda world. But had to debug an issue this morning and, yeah, the whole logging and debugging experience in this world pretty much sucks. I'm sure there are tools working on this because the AWS experience is terrible.


Succesfully deployed some AWS resources with Terraform after troubleshooting the errors. https://t.co/I88OsNlNEc

Subhadip Pal@subhadippal66

How to setup Supabase with AWS SES (Simple email service) to send emails - I recently faced a problem where I had to send an email confirmation request for every signup and reset password in my web app instaNote. As supabase by default allows only 4 emails per hour. < 1 />

Neelesh Salian 💻@neelesh_salian

It’s like when AWS S3 has an outage, so does the Status Dashboard because it depends on S3


Stripe runs on AWS, and it seems like those're their only servers AWS (and the rest of Amazon) now depends on Stripe for payments isn't there now some risk of a mutual outage? a risk of them knocking each other out in a positive feedback loop


my job in a nutshell lol I’m not a sales associate but it be AWS / Microsoft outages and they call us like we can do something 💀


About the recent cell phone outage possibly attributed to misconfigurations of "the cloud": I noticed slowdown problems with computers connected to Azure as well as AWS, different clouds.


Learn how naming AWS EKS NodeGroups can cause outages and deployment errors This case study recounts Adevinta's experience and advises using autogenerated names, Pod Disruption Budgets, and the necessity of robust monitoring and continuous learning ➤ https://t.co/SMFhBmxvrc


localstack - a fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline https://t.co/jBMSAps1L4

Faizan Ullah@yarfaizi

I was literally awake till 9 in the morning to work on developing an API that uses @AWS vpc resources. I spent hours only waiting while the VPN was trying to connect. @umarsaif using OpenVPN is How Pakistanis work on international projects. This isn't what we deserve! 😞

Marc-Henry Geay@mhgeay

Hello @AWSSupport, the what's new RSS feed stopped to feed new posts published after Feb 21. Can you fix it? Thanks https://t.co/rthUDuCU0R

Daniele Frasca 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇪🇺@dfrasca80

Yesterday, with the Germany Next Top Model show, my first fully rewritten service has demonstrated serverless is the best option when correctly used for scalability and speed. No issue, there is no need to scale up just in case. Piece of cake #serverless #aws

Bill | $brav0charlie@brav0charlie

Mfers out here acting like they’ve never experienced an internet outage before. 🙄 “It’s an attack! It’s the WEF! It’s China! Didn’t you see ‘Leave the World Behind?!’” No. It’s what happens when the whole f’in internet is hosted in Azure, AWS, or GCP. Like Christmas lights.

Jordi G. Castillón@gcjordi

Very bad this time @devpost. I'm participating in @awscloud #AI #Hackathon. There was a Devpost error (which I reported internally through Discord and they ignored me) and now it affects my participation in the competition. I don't have to suffer their mistakes. #PartyRock


#Wyze confirms that a #flaw after an #AWS outage led to 13,000 users gaining access to home camera thumbnail previews that should have been private. https://t.co/oSzxJMgTpC

Kinnaird McQuade 💻☁️💥@kmcquade3

Is AWS IAM down for anyone else? I'm getting shafted https://t.co/kOmg8AE2oM

IsDown.app - Monitor 3rd-Party Services@isdownapp

🚨 AWS is having a minor outage. For details, go to https://t.co/NghMjfrSXt. Retweet if you are having problems #awsdown


aws IAM is down! @awscloud #dead #gmud https://t.co/ldrt6jryzk

🇺🇦 @ronkorving@mastodon.online@ronkorving

Is @awscloud IAM down??


Need IT solutions? Choose Blue Crystal Solutions for: Australian-based Experts Premier Partnerships: Oracle, Microsoft, AWS Award-Winning BlueDiamond Outage Protection Exceptional Quality of Service Security-First Mindset https://t.co/rtcxJkHG3f https://t.co/fYEFNYXaiV

Tanner Hoke@hoke_t

think about the AI equivalent of AWS outages 5 minutes before it happens all customer service bots, copilot-generated code, kitchen appliances, and so on will spontaneously decide to output "whimsical English" (photo creds: @kindgracekind) https://t.co/hktLAzP3e1

Tomasz Stefaniak@tomasz_fm

Guys, it looks like I did mess up. Seems like no one is getting the sign up codes? I probably forgot to exit some AWS Sandbox. Will look into it and hopefully fix soon. But also knowing AWS I probably need to file some petition 🥲

Tomasz Stefaniak@tomasz_fm

Also, I'm terrified that I messed something up 😆 Like that everything is running on a broken AWS Cognito instance or that I misconfigured image storage. I double-checked everything and things seem to be working fine so fingers crossed 🤞

The Record From Recorded Future News@TheRecord_Media

Home security camera company #Wyze disclosed a serious glitch that allowed thousands of users to view inside strangers' homes. The breach occurred when AWS, Wyze's hosting partner, experienced issues, mixing up user IDs as cameras were reconnected. https://t.co/mlZrhPT2xF


I’ve been having trouble connecting my IP on my #grass dashboard, not just that my points are also displayed inaccurately. I started feeling frustrated and decided to complain on discord. Apparently, it s due to an AWS outage. Logins, signups and point displays are affected. https://t.co/iOMlGU8j1H


Ever had a queue backup issue? Learn what to avoid chatting with our AWS Whitepaper of the Day: https://t.co/n1BxNIPDgW #queue #backlog #aws