Is Backblaze down? ❌


Backblaze is a cloud backup and storage service that provides individuals and businesses with a secure and cost-effective solution for backing up their data and files. The company is known for its simple and user-friendly approach to online backup, offering unlimited storage and automatic backup of data from computers and devices

No problems at Backblaze

Past Incidents


Hey @backblaze, I'm unable to update my card due to an error message prompting me to contact support. I've been informed my data will be deleted at the end of this month. Could you please check your payment integration?


Today’s project ft. Another #HL15 from @45Drives! I hope this electrician contractor enjoys their new server! Working on getting all their old software running on new SAFE hardware with cloud sync to @backblaze for perpetual backups!


I've migrated my CDN server from Backblaze to AWS so the issue that caused this error message on certain networks won't occur anymore.


Nobody else is tweeting about it, Backblaze B2 is down. Writes are soft failing going on 4 hours. Luckily they only have an outage every couple of years, but they're usually slow to fix. I have a switch in DNS to just route around it though, so the fix on our end is easy.