Is BattleNet down? ❌


Battle.net, also known as Blizzard Battle.net, is an online gaming platform developed and operated by Blizzard Entertainment, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. It serves as the central hub for players to access and play a variety of Blizzard games, engage with the gaming community, and manage their accounts

No problems at BattleNet


I’m so sick of battlenet bro. They’re always having server issues. Steam is looking real good right now


anyone know how to fix vanguard not launching on battlenet? im currently reinstalling to see if thats the fix but if not any ideas?


i hope they fix battlenet servers soon cuz i rly fking miss HoTS


My irl got his activision hacked, somebody linked their battlenet to it, hacked on the new linked account, and got the activision perma banned. My irl is on console. Any ways to fix this? @JRBelk @Activision @ATVIAssist


@ATVIAssist how do I get help with unlinking an account to my activison. Someone has linked to battlenet with my activison account and I only game on Xbox so it’s not me. It currently says I’m perma banned


Hey @ATVIAssist can you look into why your game just keeps closing down whether it’s on steam or battlenet no dev error just closes mid match Been happening since season 3 reloaded never happened before


Like wtf is going on @CODUpdates this happens once the game loads for 15 seconds it's not s pc issue as all other games work fine and battlenet confirmed cod related issue so who's gonna help as I've re installed windows and cod and still same issue


PC Nerds when Playstation asks to login but they already signed up on: Steam Epic Game Store Ubisoft+ EA Battlenet GOG XBOX Bethesda Gearbox


I have Steam, Epic, BattleNet,Origin,EA, Amazon games, MS Store, Ubisoft connect All on my PC at the same time. Can someone enlighten me what the issue is? Because I still don't understand. 👀👀


Haven't even been able to play a single game fully bc #mw3 keep crashing every 5mins and even before the S3 reloaded I would constantly get server disconnected. this game is trash and activision won't fix bc everyone won't stop buying this game. @activision @battlenet @CODUpdates


Does anybody have issues downloading call of duty on battle net ? Like my download speed won’t go over 3.20 MB/S … like it will be 2025 by the time I can get this game downloaded! #battlenet #warzone #CallofDutyWarzone #CallofDutyModernWarfare3 #pc #slowdownloadspeed


@battlenet @Blizzard_Ent I'm not able to log into my account and it is showing no account. The previous year I purchased COD MW now I do not have access to it.


anyone having issues with battlenet?


anyone know how to fix direct x error crash on mw3? i’m on battlenet, it would happen like 2 times then it stopped n i could play now it did it 7 times 👎🏽


Super cringe that I have to tweet this out, but @battlenet my account got hacked and I can no longer access it. I tried submitting a ticket for help on this but I got an error saying "we are not accepting tickets for this issue right now" can I get some help on this or nah?


@battlenet After a long time of not playing overwatch I lost all previous information to sign in, I still have my xbox account signed in and connected, but I still need access to my account. Any help options?


@ATVIAssist somebody hacked into my activision account and logged in to their battlenet. Now I’m permanently banned!? I play on Xbox and I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars on this game just to be told there’s nothing I can do about it. TRASH


Can anyone help? I have tried deleting the data Uninstalled & deleting battlenet along with cod. Steam cod is working fine. But I have tried everything to fix my battlenet and nothing is working I need a miracle at this point.


Does anyone in there files have this Error for Battlenet? Trying to see is this is my issue.


so now my account is permanently banned because @Activision and @ATVIAssist are unable to tell that this random battlenet account that was linked was unauthorized, has nothing to do with my account.


Anyone Know a fix on battlenet stuck at 0 Download speed?


I think the COD Gods hate me and don’t want me playing Zombies! Anyone else having issues with their game closing out on them when playing Zombies DMZ mode? #COD @CallofDuty @battlenet #Zombies


anyone know how to fix battlenet from being stuck on 'logging in' 😃


@ATVIAssist I'm trying to unlink a Battlenet account and I can't do it because I get an error


Is battlenet down????


Many users are reporting login issues with Blizzard Battle net Looks like an outage is happening! #Blizzard #BattleNet #outage #Battlenet #blizzardnotdq


Cod keeps getting black screen when I open, anyone else? Is it or activison? Ik Battlenet is tripping right now


@BlizzardCSEU_EN I've been unable to log into my BattleNet account for 9 days due to the email address attached to it being deleted. Ticket ID is EU93844770 I made multiple tickets (Sorry😅) as I panicked when it first became an issue, any help is greatly appreciated!


battlenet down? wont let me buy the shimo bundle...


anyone else that uses @battlenet for cod bugging out??? its been hours without any updates or any fix???