Is Bing down? ❌


Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. It is designed to help users discover information, websites, images, videos, and other online content through search queries. Bing is one of the major search engines and competes with others like Google and Yahoo

No problems at Bing

Chandler Bing, no not that one..🍊@6thtimeisacharm

#SC #SouthCarolinaPrimary Does anyone know if they got the voting machines up and working? i heard a guy say he was very worried that when he went to vote, the machines were down...sound familiar? are the Dems going to try to rig this primary for @NikkiHaley? would she want to win that way?


I guess dalle3 is right-handed. It seems like that at the postures of characters. #dalle3 #bing #ai

Kan Yuenyong@sikkha

GPT-4's "errors" aren't really errors, they're about hitting the knowledge cut-off date. 💡 Solution? Dive into "internet-based RAG" powered by Bing in ChatGPT. 🌐 Check the image: one option nails it with RAG, the other misses due to the cut-off. #AIquirks #TechTalk https://t.co/0ByMafdvAC

Bing Muñoz@Bing_Munoz

I survived the AT&T outage of 2024 🙏

Reaper Templar@ReaperTemplar

The division 2 new update has caused game breaking bugs Also I get a black screen when I get flashed Bing now kind of annoying but at least it's better than the white screen Hopefully they can hurry up and fix this **** before the event ends in two weeks

Chandler Bing’s Sarcasm@letsnotbdumb

I guess I slept through AT&T being down lol


T-Mobile was down? https://t.co/jZDPZ0S6mo

Tomasz Stopka@Tomasz_Stopka

Bing Webmaster Tools is down? @bing

.Morten 🪁🗺💻@dotMorten

Looks like the ChatGPT outage is affecting Bing too. It just started creating ascii art for me instead of images

CHRIS AGAIN 🙃🇦🇺Look there’s a Brushtail possum.@chrisca23867924

Can anyone read this ?❓❔ X posts not loading . Posts going to drafts. Google server not responding. Can’t access Google bookmarks. Can’t access Bing . Messages not sent. Anyone the same ? Or an explanation ?

Aimee Sukol ☮🐾🌱🌎🍝📚🎨🍺@SukolVentures

I don't think I have EVER tried to use my desktop Dell where everything worked right away. Monitor doesn't work, software went bye-bye, the printer is offline for no reason, Chrome is gone & Bing is the default. OH MY GAWD. Why?! WHYYYYYY?!

Sébastien Lachance@archiecoder

My first father-in-law had an issue all of sudden after a Windows 10 update was automatically installed on his computer. The Login screen showed and hid in 1 second. I tried remotely diverse ways to fix it. Impossible. I'm not able to say no when it comes to troubleshooting. I told his daughter to bring the computer at my place. The only thing that worked is a Reset. After waiting hours to complete the installation + updates (on a slow computer), there was an update failing. I didn't bing it... There is a known issue since Jan 2024 that prevents the installation of this update. I don't envy the devs and QAs who work on Windows (any version) updates and testing. This must be ****. #windows10 #update


Hey @Microsoft @MicrosoftHelps @Windows @Office why does your LLM @bing always tells users to FK OFF when they point out that it's fkng up by repeating the same incorrect answer multiple times? How about getting your isht together? #ux #ui #microsoft #bingai #fix #app https://t.co/UTiCEScioi

Barnacules Nerdgasm@Barnacules

I can't recommend @poe_platform anymore since they decided to switch to a compute point system claiming it gives users more flexibility when in reality it reduces the number of messages to GPT4 from 9,000 down to 2,857 per month. I can't stand when companies change the terms of a deal after they received the money from a customer based on the old terms. If you want to change the terms of the deal after a subscription expires that's one thing, but don't do it in the middle of the service that they already paid for. How ****** would you be if you leased a car with terms that said you could drive it 12k miles a year only to have them call you a month later and say that they changed the terms so every mile you drive on a freeway is 3x the milage, but you'll get double mileage on roads that nobody wants to drive on. I really don't like companies that do **** like this on principal even if you happen to be one of the few people that only drive on the background and ends up getting a slightly better deal at the cost of everyone else getting screwed. I think moving forward I'm just going to just run models locally with https://t.co/sX5bptd8lp and when I need GPT4 or DALL-E I'll just use Microsoft CoPilot or Bing AI Chat for free. Plus, with LMStudio you download and use 50k free models from HuggingFace including all of the other models that PoE offers aside from OpenAI's models specifically which aren't publicly available (yet). Honestly, it just drives me nuts when companies change the terms of a deal after the customer has already paid for a specific level of service and try to play it off like it's somehow better for everyone. The real reason they are implementing this is because most people were using OpenAI GPT4 models more than anything else and they were having to pay for those API calls and obviously misjudged how much people would use that service over the other open source free models they also offer like Stable Diffusion XL, LLaMA and MIXTRAL which can all be run locally on people's computers without using their service at all. They honestly should have made this opt-in for people who already paid and allowed them to continue under the terms they agreed to for the remainder of their service period. And if they couldn't do this, they should have at least offered a pro-rated refund for the remaining time for people who didn't want to accept the new terms so they could go back to OpenAI. Are any of you using the PoE premium service right now as an alternative for OpenAI ChatGPT Premium? What do you think about this change? Also, with GPT5 & Sora on the way do you still see value in staying subscribed to PoE knowing they could literally charge whatever they want in compute points to use those services when they become available in API form from OpenAI which probably won't be for some time after they are released initially? #AI #ChatGPT

#JUKU🪐 ⁷@jukumarajj

why tf is my ai bing not working wtf? which one y’all using?

nikki 🍂@belizapov

Here we go again with bing ai not working