Is Booking.com down? ❌


Booking.com is a popular travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. The website offers booking services for hotels, flights, car rentals, and other travel-related services.

No problems at Booking.com


Hi @bookingcom - I've paid a UK hotel for accomm via your site & need a VAT invoice. The hotel say they won't provide an invoice because the payment was taken by you BUT your customer service chats say that you're just an intermediary, so don't issue invoices - which is true pls?


Trying to book a hotel with @Village_Hotels through @bookingcom and all I keep getting is an error on payment! Tried different cards, @GooglePay and @PayPalUK and not one single method works! @imaginecurve Sorry – that didn't work. Sorry, we were not able to take your payment.


For several days, I am still getting the same error when i try to book.... 'check card expiry date: please fill in an expiry date that is valid during the dates of ur stay'. So far I tried with 3 different cards. @bookingcom


Anyone else has issues logging into @bookingcom ??? My account got suspended and reset email not being sent to me.


@ClareHerbert3 Hi there, we truly regret to hear that you are facing issues with contacting our customer service team. Please DM us your following details, what happened, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible: - Confirmation number - PIN code - Name on the reservation


How long until the world can fix Customer Service departments? Ask for help online, get an email to ask that I call the helpdesk, call the helpdesk and am advised by a computer to go online. So, where do I get support *before* making a booking, @bookingcom ?


Oh @bookingcom you have a big problem🤦‍♂️


Hey @bookingcom I tried to go to your site but booking.yeah is not working. How does it work?


Is there a @bookingcom service outage? Either app or web interface do not work properly...


Is @bookingcom app down? Trying to send a text messages to a booked property. Thanks.


Anyone else issues with the @bookingcom app? Can't open chats due to technical problems and I can't read anything the hosts wrote me regarding my booking


Never ever book a car through @bookingcom I’m on a trip with friends, and they are having a terrible experience trying to get any help with problems that are entirely the company’s fault.


Anyone had any issues with their @bookingcom app, ie dodgy msgs asking about account details etc


Hey @bookingcom do you have support via Twitter? I have an issue with a booking and your customer service chat bot doesn’t work.


Hey @bookingcom I've been trying to sign into my account since last night & won't work, have done password change 4 times and still says Opps something wrong on our side. Can you help please as I'm trying to book a trip