Is Box down? ❌


Box is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses. Officially launched in 2005, the platform allows users to easily store files online, send big files quickly, access content from anywhere, and collaborate with others within the platform.

No problems at Box

Philip R Leodoro 🍷💔☀️@PhilipRLeodoro

.@TMobileHelp @TMobile so my T-Mobile 5g internet box says I have a very good connection yet it’s down. Yet no one knows why it’s not working. As I was told, #Tmobile is a cellphone company first, so the towers will adjust to give cellphones signal but not the homes #servicedown

Scrumpy 🇹🇹🇦🇺@dezmac_au

This morning was a mission to find an antenna cable in my box of wires, so that I can connect the TV to the antenna, to see if there was anything on the morning show about the Optus outage. Only had 10 min of mental anguish for the info, cable pulled out TV off.

Neal 🇦🇺@NealGardner_

When there’s service in the box, Lewandowski is nowhere to be found. What’s the point?


Why's the box score not working?

Abbey koker@AbbeyKoker

Jackson you tried but stay more in the box not working more than you’re supposed too #TotChe

J Grandma (◠‿◕) (rest)@tears_angel

😅 I still adjust my channel 3... My TV box still not yet manage to catch it... If not working yeah just watch on we tv a bit late than tv but got sub 🤭... CHARLOTTE SSC SPF50PA+++ #LIVEBUAExCHARLOTTE #ชาล็อตออสติน #CharlotteAustin @itscharlotty

patricia is seeing liv!!@missthisliv

why is z the designated penalty server? does he like the box that much😭😭😭


@cromaretail @TataCompanies - Havent had such a bad experience with any other brand than Croma. Bought a soundbar which is not working roght out of the box &no one from service team are bothering to visit for repair or replacement. Feeling very bad & regretting by choosing #Croma

Vikas Vasav@imvikasvasav

@TataPlayin Sony & Discovery network channels are not working on my set-top box. I raised a complaint with the CS and they said the tech will visit my place to fix this issue. After 10-15 calls to CS and the tech still no one bothered to come & resolve my issue. Pathetic service.