Is Fido down? ❌


Fido is a Canadian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides mobile phone services across Canada. It is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications, one of the major telecommunications companies in the country. Fido operates as a postpaid and prepaid mobile service provider, offering a variety of plans and devices to its customers.

No problems at Fido

Past Incidents


Seems like @Rogers and @Fidomobile is down can’t call


Thinking about not renewing my contract with @Fidomobile, it annoying having call you daily about networking issues


Credit where credit is due—I had a good customer service experience with @Fidomobile, with an issue resolved to our mutual benefit. They were, in fact, gracious when they could have been inflexible. Thanks!


Hey @Fidomobile @FidoSolutions Your LTE/4G network in Kingston is down. No one is able to connect or do anything. Its trying to default connect to other providers 3G network. Cant even login to your main site to report the issue.


Hey @Fidomobile - Why are "you" registering your domains using an American registrar and hosting your site in Australia? I know this isn't "you" - but hopefully you can get publicdomainregistrar to take down this scam


@goose__la Hey there and sorry to read about your experience. If you still need support with anything, please don't hesitate to reach us out in DMs here, thank you. - Van


I see other people having issues with the @Rogers network but they’re not admitting to any issues? My phone is barely working the last 2 weeks @FidoSolutions it’s not a device problem