Is Freedom Mobile down? ❌


Freedom Mobile is a Canadian mobile network operator that provides wireless services to customers across Canada. It is a subsidiary of Shaw Communications, a major telecommunications company in Canada. Freedom Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and has its own network infrastructure in certain regions, particularly in urban centers.

No problems at Freedom Mobile

Past Incidents


Currently tethering off of my fiancé’s phone which is on the @FreedomMobile network. @Bell_Support @TELUSsupport seem to not be sending any updates for their current outage in Oshawa. Becuase you know .. it’s Oshawa @Rogers @FreedomMobile you May be getting new customers soon.


Guys, is your network having issues today? Cause things are loading slow af. :(( @FreedomMobile. I feel like I time traveled back to them ‘full speed 3G’ days lol