Is Koodo Mobile down? ❌


Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers mobile phone services across Canada. It is a subsidiary of Telus, one of the major telecommunications companies in the country. Koodo operates as a prepaid and postpaid mobile service provider, catering to both individual and business customers.

No problems at Koodo Mobile


#koodo I need help with a billing issue, your phone support is NO help at all. Please help me.


An hour and a half waiting for @koodo support on the phone with no answer. Still no internet at home and brutal customer service. If you’re thinking about switching to Koodo, I’d think twice.


Hey @koodo Does anyone work there? 10 emails, 5 phone calls and still no one can solve my problem. ticket 11144236


During my trip to US I took my @koodo sim card out and put a travel card in. How then can I be charged roaming fees by Koodo for those days? My sim card from them was not in my phone. Chatting with the rep.. nothing they can do. Is this normal?


Anyone else experiencing outages on @koodo or @TELUS network? Have multiple bars and LTE, but nothing working on my phone until I connect to wifi. @TELUSsupport


So who here in Alberta is also having tech and wifi issues with telus in the home and mobile services with the pvr and mobile wifi with koodo & telus ?!!?