Is Videotron down? ❌


Videotron is a major telecommunications company based in Quebec, Canada. It is a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc., a media and telecommunications conglomerate. Videotron primarily operates in the province of Quebec and offers a wide range of services to residential and business customers.

No problems at Videotron


Hey @Videotron suddenly my Helix service stopped working, now the modem is blinking with an amber light, are there any network issues? I already tried restarting it, but it remains the same with the amber blinking.


Guys, is freedom having network issues today? Cause things are loading slow af. :(( @Videotron. I feel like I time traveled back to them ‘full speed 3G’ days lol.


I can’t access webmail. Is there a problem? @Videotron


Hello @Videotron Good morning!! Wake up !!! Internet is down and I have presentation in half an hour. Come on 🚨 Prod Support 👀 #videotron #internetdown #montreal


Does anyone know if @Videotron for internet is down at the moment? Haven’t had services for the last half hour…. #internetdown #videotron #telecom


Anybody else having issues with CityTv broadcast? Videotron?


.@Videotron really cares about its customers. For example, they make sure to give you multiple Internet outages a day to help you cut down on your screen time. Because with Vidéotron, wellness is a constantly blinking router.