Is Destiny 2 down? ❌


Destiny is a series of online multiplayer first-person shooter games developed by Bungie, an independent game development studio

No problems at Destiny 2


This month reminds me of the August dry spell I had months ago. It's fine, I'll just work on obtain rolls I desire instead of PvP. I'll livestream regular Onslaught since ads and minibossses still glitch to the ADU battery in both Destiny 2 activities.


So far Destiny 2 is playing well on my pc, just completed Zero hour mission after so much tweaking with the settings. My main issue however is not even performance issue is my controller cable disconnecting almost every minute and that ****** me off (1/2)


Destiny 2 talk: for the first time in EVER, I got a disconnect, followed by a baboon error popup, followed by an INSTANT CTD. My internet is fine, my PC is fine. I've been getting DC'd quite often lately, and I don't blame them because we're under **** weather, but this is new...


Anyone's Roblox not working while having Destiny 2 opened? It says I'm using a third-party app or an exploit.


Even after initializing my ps4 Destiny 2 is still giving me the same error code, yep its over for my ps4 🥲


Why is it that EVERY time Destiny 2 has an update, I get errors and have to reinstall the game? I’m so tired of this.


**** your servers @Bungie @BungieHelp @DestinyTheGame I just wasted my time in Onslaught to get error coded on level 49 **** YOU


man why does the funny 4chan dating app have to be down right now? i was just flexing my destiny 2 clout


Just purchased Destiny 2 for my Steam deck, and not even 15 minutes later my account got permanently banned. Hopefully they fix the bugs with the next iteration of the Steam Deck because some games do not play nice with it


Day 1 of asking @Bungie or @DestinyTheGame to please fix console voice chat. I can't hear anyone and I can't fix it and never even saw a age verification screen. Please and thank you I'd be cool to be able to talk to my fireteam while playing pantheon.


Idk if this is a bug or not but I got destiny 2 battlepass for free???? Please help @BungieHelp


Is this error just me or does it happen to everyone? @DestinyTheGame @destinygamees @Destiny2Team @BungieHelp


Is this error just me or does it happen to everyone? @Destiny2Team @DestinyTheGame @destinygamees


destiny 2 servers are down and i just wanna buildcraft more :^(


Im getting a error on destiny 2 im confuse what's happening lol


After a year, I beat a boss on Destiny 2. What does my internet do? Shut down.


Really was hoping to stream some more Destiny 2 today on twitch/tiktok dual stream but noooope @Xfinity every other week outage happened and is down till 8:15pm


alright an hour before i start, i've been given the information that, essentially, for the entirety of stream final fantasy xiv is just down for maintenance 🙃 whelp ...destiny 2 it is, anyone wanna do pantheon **** 👀


If the launch of "Destiny 2's Final" Light Vs. Dark DLC is being pushed already, you can be sure there's a BIG problem. The product should. SHOULD speak for itself if it's the FINAL DLC for this story. I'm betting there's a pay mechanic that season, for a "TRUE" ending.


I kept getting contacting destiny 2 servers and error coded weasel…


.@BungieHelp @DestinyTheGame take the servers offline


hey @DestinyTheGame and @BungieHelp any way we can fix this? it took 3 times to do this because i switched to my armor set before fully loading me in thus kicking me to orbit


Is it just me or has your game crashed on destiny 2 like every hour? It literally is so unbearable how tf do I fix this???


When I get error coded on flawless game and then banned for leaving games early!!! @BungieHelp @Bungie @DestinyTheGame


I think I have more bandwidth than @Bungie for Destiny 2. They keep trying to blame my internet connection when I play many games and have ZERO networking issues with them...


🚨All your old Destiny 2 gear is back!🚨 This is not a drill: Bungie will "remove Power limits from all items" in The Final Shape.


*sigh* I really wish that when @bungie says they fix something in @DestinyTheGame it would actually be fixed. The portal not spawning is really making Onslaught feel terrible now.


Games I currently play: • Destiny 2 • Helldivers 2 • Baldur’s Gate 3 • Fortnite • Fallout 4 Right now is the time I’m enjoying being a gamer! So many games that are so fun to play! Sometimes I have to play a little of this and a little of that to get my fix 😂


Love how this bug apparently got fixed. An hour wasted! @DestinyTheGame @BungieHelp your game sucks


anyone know why when i opt into in game voice chat in destiny 2 it's not picking up my voice, but i can hear people in my fireteam they just can't hear me?