Is EA Sports UFC down? ❌


EA Sports UFC is a mixed martial arts video game series developed by EA Vancouver and published by Electronic Arts. It is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization and features realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics. Players can create their own fighters or choose from the roster of UFC fighters and compete in various game modes, such as career mode, online multiplayer, and single-player challenges

No problems at EA Sports UFC


Ufc 5 is hands down the worst game ever made im talking advanced warfare call of duty is better find your worst game ufc 5 is worse @MartialMind1 @EASPORTSUFC this game needs a rework or give it to a different company you make my favorite sport look like literal ****


Fix your ******* game @EASPORTSUFC


bro it’s ******* mid may can we please fix ufc 5 ranked PLEASE I PAID $70 FOR THIS GAME REFUND ME IF IT DOESNT WORK @ufc @EASPORTSUFC @help @ufchelp @scams @ivebeenscammed literally million dollar company scamming their fans and nobody is talking about it lmfao a joke


Ayo @EASPORTSUFC fix yo **** it’s friday evening people trynna play???


The fact that @EASPORTSUFC has Down Under by Men At Work is a vibe.


UFC 5 please fix your game @EASPORTSUFC


Still the same issue in @EASPORTSUFC UFC5 thats in 4. You may play blocked players. Lmao.