Is Facebook down? ❌


Facebook is a social media platform and technology company founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates in 2004. Facebook's mission is to connect people and help them share and communicate with friends, family, and other individuals, as well as discover and engage with content from around the world

No problems at Facebook


Anyone else having issues with @facebook ? My feed is super slow and laggy and i am unable to refresh.


Facebook can eat my **** for asking me if I want to fix my grammar! 🤡🙄

Coralie Saint-Louis@CoralieSL

Facebook is getting rid of the News tab: News publishers have seen a massive drop in referral traffic as Meta continues to exit the news distribution business after years of controversies related to misinformation and other content-moderation issues. https://t.co/UlBszcGb1a


c*rter fr*nk has been officially cancelled from my life lol blocked on facebook, instagram, snapchat, number blocked. no words for how relieving that feels and how physical i felt the weight lift off of my shoulders goooodbyeeeee and good riddance


Inbox me I'm available 24/7 #facebookdown I think Facebook is down try to log in with my account. and got log out for some reason

Olivia Morley@_oliviamorley

.@Meta @facebook randomly disabled my account and I don't have the option to appeal, apparently. Anyone know how to fix this or know someone at Facebook who can help me out? My takeaway from the below is that unless Facebook decides you have the option to appeal, you're SOL. https://t.co/drjM3ABBrW

Team Miller Sherwick Curling 🥌 🇨🇦@TeamMillerMH

There is WIFI issues here in Lacombe so unfortunately we will not be LIVE on our YouTube channel. However we will be LIVE on Facebook using SportCam. Opening Ceremonies will be Live shortly.

Savannah Brentnall@SBrentnall

@NewsandGuts Your FB page appears to have been hacked. Are you trying to get it back or have you abandoned it?


Gaming discourse is so funny, I saw a guy on Facebook that was like “games are so expensive these days so you shouldn’t feel bad if they cost a lot of money or the servers go down within a few months, find another hobby if you don’t like it” and it’s like Okay I will?

Ms. Ma’am@fxckupoutmyface

I so tired of the food debate on Facebook. At the end of the day I’m not buying no plate from NOBODY house and that be yall problem. Eyes be long and be so hard up to support somebody cause they popular. Absolutely not. Cook ya own food and shut up

Kaysan Bell♟️@thekaysanbell

A dead end is just a good place to turn around. If Facebook isn't working, try Insta and if Insta not working try TikTok! Keep pushing it forward and innovating!

my goodies@_itsalysssaaa

I do not like being on Facebook when something go down lol

Sean Maynard@seanmaynard

Facebook Marketplace has become the home of scammers. The problem may be getting worse https://t.co/0VqTzYCL8a

Utah Department of Health and Human Services@UtahDHHS

A recent study from Facebook found that Instagram makes body image issues worse for 1 in 3 teenage girls. Dr. Kristin Francis with @uofu_hmhi @UofUHealth shares helpful insights on what behaviors to look out for as a parent. https://t.co/zP6Fpch167

Luka thomas@Lukathomas1st

I actually had this same exact issue and it's so frustrating when you keep complaining and Facebook support just ignore you like you don't even matter, if you want your account fixed I can refer you to the guy that worked on mine @codyjay96

Live Love Laugh@LivLuvLaffDaily

@facebook I reset my password & logged out of all accounts but FB not sending 2A codes I submitted DL to regain access with no response Can’t access FB or Messenger

Aktarul islam@Aktarul3453

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Sergeant Fuzzyboots.@umfrumf

@LORDE_ARYEE Facebook won't die either, not so special. Also, a better product. This app has head scratching bugs, people are allowed to talk about it.


I saw an ad and also thought I was tripping. Like Woah this is pretty cool but why do I have to go on Facebook to be aware of this? Where’s the ads? posters? commercials? teasers!?


Facebook Marketplace has become the home of scammers. The problem may be getting worse https://t.co/dMek3nn1lB via @ABCaustralia

Stef. 👨🏾‍💻@STEFisDOPE

WhatsApp founders built a call/text app. Facebook bought it for $19B. Mailchimp founders built an email marketing company. Intuit bought it for $5.7B. Calendly’s founder built a scheduling platform. Now worth $3B. You don’t always have to be evil to make a billion, just smart.


Facebook nuked my ads account 4 years ago for a stupid issue. Attempted to appeal recently. Submitted proof of identity. Notary signed it off. Fb still said no. I try to upload ID photos. Fb gives me error. Welp. Looks like we’re growing this brand organic

Dr. Monali Y. Desai, M.D.@drmonalidesai

Facebook has kept internal research secret for years that suggests its Instagram app makes body image issues worse for teenage girls, according to a leak from the tech firm. Since at least 2019, staff at the company have been studying the impact of their https://t.co/JoNQEpY30w

CPF, vice chair & rep / Barod member - Sam Hall@samanthaHall35

This week I have be doing some research 🧐 on Down syndrome, for my next episode I am going to do. Remember to held off the WWLD show page on x, we are also on facebook and instagram… come and check out other episodes we have done.


send me an email I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week #facebook down I think Facebook is down, try logging in with my account. I'm logged out for a reason https://t.co/uoZd9ODe3Y


IG and Facebook issues 🤔🧵👇🙏❤️


I’m in this weird situation where my husband isn’t offline at all, but he’s not on any of the normal socials and instead frequents Facebook meme groups and moderates an Arsenal fan forum, so I never know whether he’ll think I’m unhinged or be totally up to speed.

Ryan Satin@ryansatin

18K members in this FB group... The internet may have been a mistake. https://t.co/NSPEyfjAKc

Rey Estralla@EstrallaRey

Why would facebook shut down like that 🤣🤣🤣


Does anyone else have problems with Spotify links from social media being buggy? I am using both Twitter and Facebook from the phone browser rather than the app so it might be a different situation than yours.