Is Facebook Messenger down? ❌


Facebook Messenger is a messaging app developed by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and share media with their contacts

No problems at Facebook Messenger


Anyone else having issues with Facebook messenger?


iMessage is down and you can’t send or receive text messages through it. Thank *** I can still use Slack, Discord, Twitter, IG, FB messenger to message people.


What up with Facebook Messenger….🤔 Down or just my crappy internet?! #FacebookMessenger


I’m assuming my fb messenger has a glitch cause it’s showing the "other" ******* watching my story 😭


11/05/2024 11:27 - We're currently experiencing difficulties with our phone and internet services. Our team is actively working to resolve the issue. For any questions, please contact us via Facebook Messenger. #CustomerService #TechnicalSupport


Is FB messenger down?


❗️❗️❗️ Friendly reminder: Facebook Messenger Plugin shuts down TODAY. NO LOSS. NO WORRY. We're working hard to give you a solution. You will still have a Facebook Chat plugin on your site and let customers connect with you directly on your Facebook Page. 🙌


❗️❗️❗️ Friendly reminder: Facebook Messenger Plugin shut down TODAY. NO LOSS. NO WORRY. We're working hard to give you a solution. You will still have a Facebook Chat plugin on your site and let customers connect with you directly on your Facebook Page. 🙌


Our phone lines are currently down! We will let you know when they are back up. In the meantime, if you wish to contact us, please message us via Facebook Messenger. Thank you!


24 hours b4 i get back off here if it’s a problem or anything needs to be addressed, my dm and fb messenger ALWAYS WORK.


Why TF my ma calling me 8:30am talking about fb messenger not working.. Lady I Am Sleep😤😤


Pagod na ba agent niyo? So this is how PH’s full-service airline customer service looks like. Monotonous? @flyPAL I also chatted with someone sa Fb messenger I told her I cannot rebook my flight due to an error sa website pero she’s referring me back to the website???


Can we chat on WhatsApp foɔ Adɛn Facebook messenger yɛ cold store ana???🤔 😝😁😂 Fix yourself 😒😒


okay is anyone else having issues with facebook messenger not showing you all the photos you’ve sent someone?


Off that facebook messenger strange


It’s a silly weird glitch I found with Facebook messenger you can message yourself 😂. So I sent myself the photos


any fb messenger issues??


I'm going down an obsessive spiral trying to get Facebook Messenger to stop showing me "People You May Know"


Come across a bug that's driving me nuts on OnePlus 12 messages all of a sudden just won't send mid conversation on Facebook messenger anyone else having this issue? can just be messaging back and forth them all of a sudden they won't send any more


I am informing to all of my friends and followers that I have stopped my Facebook messenger communication due "Fake ID Spying Problems" and Now I am available on WhatsApp and Teligram message Apps Communication from 15-April 2024.


I don't usually use this account in this manner but for anyone here who has an IOS &uses FB Messenger a question. Is anyone having problems with search engine today on end to end encrypted chats cause I cannot see my friends profile photo under results after encryption date


Ok so #ios 17.4.1 has a glitch for me…I’ve now had 5 apps with keyboard issues. Basically it’s where the word gets suggested and if I don’t type it, it will add the letters to the end of the word. Basically a predictive text glitch. So far it’s happened on Teams, Snapchat, Twitter and FB Messenger


Is facebook messenger down? #Nepal


Is Facebook messenger down?


Is anyone else’s fb messenger not working?


new bug: someone wants to message me on FB messenger, it says "this person is not available on messenger". weird, i'm trying to fix this. messaging me works on mobile allegedly. this is recent, if you know a solution, let me know!


ppl shooting their shot in fb messenger are down bad and hopeless sorry if you think that would work for you


So Facebook Messenger on desktop tells me I can't send a GIF due to this end-to-end encryption (which is randomly only for some of my chats) and to enable it, I should click on a link that says "Oops, can't help you there." Huh? Fix your **** @facebook @messenger @Meta


Omni Hotels IT systems down since Friday, hitting bookings, payments, door locks As WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, other Meta bits fall offline today


WhatsApp suffered a global outage on April 3, disrupting message exchanges for users worldwide. Facebook Messenger and Instagram also faced similar issues. #WhatsApp #Outage #FacebookMessenger #Instagram #GlobalOutage