Is FACEIT down? ❌


FACEIT is a leading platform for competitive online gaming and esports. It provides a platform for players to participate in organized esports tournaments, leagues, and matchmaking across a wide range of popular video games

No problems at FACEIT


.@rigoNcs holds it down with a 4k! #FPL https://t.co/GQmVOsM8cP


I've been rubberbanding on faceit a lot. Do yall know if its cuz of PC or connectivity issues/how to fix it?

Mathias Libergren@scottCSGO

.@FACEIT can we perhaps get a fix on your servers?

Mark 'Boq' Wilson@boqcasts

With premier being a spinbotters haven, I tried getting into my old @FACEIT account to play but it seems its gone? I can reset my password but I get an error logging in. I also can't connect my steam to a new account, as its tied to my old one. This happen to anyone else? https://t.co/0OH5Jsx0Ux


Hey Guys i need ure Help ! How i can Open Faceit Demos on CS2 ? its not working like CSGO . I need to make new movies but i dont know how i can open it. PLEASE write me here or add me steam #counterstrike @CounterStrike #faceit #edits #cs2 #help #fragmovie #demos https://t.co/ZMgjTsCLIj

Tommy “2x4 Gaming” Gaming@Tommy_3457

hehe, hello bestie @FACEITSupport it happened again, this time i actually got an email back saying you wont fix it or remove the 2nd or 3rd ban i got from it😍😍 i love your service so much and cant for my perm queue ban because itll happen again, but not that you give a **** 🥰


I'm getting this error over and over again and can't login or do anything on the website. @FACEITSupport can someone help? https://t.co/KmGnk53aWV


. @CounterStrike when are u going to fix your trash *** cheat system? I have played against 100+ cheaters now in premier, U created premier to have players play more on your servers then on ex @FACEITcs but still Faceit is doing WAY better then u, embarrassing.. https://t.co/kDdKBDGqNH


Anyone else have issues with “slow server Frame” on faceit cs2? It has made the game unplayable and I’ve never had issues until recently, I’ve never had internet issues either, only happens on faceit. Anyone else :(


Well, Today's stream did not go as planned, 1st we had some issues and we couldn't start in time, 2nd we ripped everything fast on @CSGOEmpire bad luck from the morning continued we ripped 80 out of 100 coins we got from @variancewarren & @Spxed3 3rd we tipped our 100th follower 20 coins! 4th we riped $500 on @SkinsLuck 5th we had some issues with pc and Faceit game we played. I guess pc needs to be repaired... It is what it is guys... It will be better :) The positive thing today is that we sent some free skins and stickers to people in need and we tipped 20 coins to the guy who is our 100th follower on kick. Sorry for the long text! Love you all, and Good Night to all of you! <3


I have constant 5-10 percent loss on faceit servers does anyone have a fix or any ideas I am bad with these things


anyone have a fix for faceit demos not working, please? https://t.co/kzNfjGCEGb