Is Far Cry down? ❌


Far Cry is a first-person shooter video game series developed by Ubisoft. The series takes place in open-world environments with various locations and settings, often in exotic and tropical locations. Players typically take on the role of a protagonist who finds themselves in a dangerous situation, such as being stranded on a remote island or caught in a conflict between different factions

No problems at Far Cry


@UbisoftSupport When I load Far Cry 2 on @NVIDIAGFN this message pops up. How do I resolve this? Thank you.


@UbisoftSupport have been trying to unlink my old psn account from my ubisoft account nrixor to switch to my current made support ticket 22days ago.. still no answer Ubisoft Support Ticket: 20546886 🥴😭 cmoon just wanna play farcry 6 with ps5 💀


the *only* game i want to play right now is Far Cry 3 and it simply doesn’t work on my PC. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it to launch and it just doesn’t :( anyone know how to fix? @UbisoftSupport @FarCrygame


Yo, @UbisoftSupport Your servers are down or something. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, and nothing is allowing me to play Far Cry 5! What's going on?


_)(#${" @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft , next time before making statements like this: Make you games f working - bought Far Cry 6, waited to download over 100 Gb but cannot play cause Ubisoft connect is down - I do not care - I wanna play SP game!!!!


We know, and it is NOT WORKING, like most of you in real life. The Right just embraced it, like “chud” and farcry 5


What a far cry from the dude who created a PC port of Mario through sheer coding magic and willpower. While yes, problem solving is important, it feels like AI is antithetical to this premise.


@UbisoftSupport Can't launch DLC for Far Cry 6 even though subbed to Premium+, support ticket been opened for 2+ weeks, not helping.