Is Final Fantacy down? ❌


Final Fantasy is a popular and long-running video game franchise developed and published by Square Enix. It is known for its role-playing games and features a mix of fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk elements

No problems at Final Fantacy


I tried getting my final fantasy online account back but every day I checked it says support offline haha I guess I'm never getting that account back 😔


Am gutted no #FinalFriday1 (final fantasy Origins 1). Stream tonight. Internet is down ❌


Hey all. I’ll try and stream tonight at 7. Our internet has been having some issues apparently it’s happening to a multiple we know with the same provider. We will continue Final Fantasy 2 on Twitch.


I'm thinking in the next month or so I want to start streaming. I have most of what I need to start, now it comes down to what game to play. I feel like BG3 is still big and a dine a dozen. I would love to do FF16 because I love the Final Fantasy series. #GamerLife


Hayyo everyone!! The stream for final fantasy VII REMAKE will be delayed a little sorry for the inconvenience 🙏 i’m having a Power outage atm


4 S-tier video game soundtracks. Narrowing all the Final Fantasy soundtracks down to 1 was too hard so I just… didn’t. 🌝


Final Fantasy XIII is a good game imo and massively over-hated


What is your favorite quote from a #FinalFantasy game?


Great stream tonight. Only a small down side of my internet ******** the bed every so often. Anyways, probably a Final Fantasy XIC stream tomorrow instead.


I thought the Buggy was going to be Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Cybertruck 🤣 but it turns out it's pretty great! It's better than any of the driving in Final Fantasy XV, hands down. #ff7r #ff7rebirth #PS5 #Gaming


Weiss from Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- (2006), has little to no Rule34; As requested by an Anonymous electric power company employee.


Servers down for maintenance in Valorant so switching over to Final Fantasy 14 come hang out for a bit #Vtuber #VtubersUprising


Is Cloud Strife THE Final Fantasy mascot?


Explain your favourite Final Fantasy game in ten words or fewer.


Starfield's biggest problem is the fact that it's a PEGI 18 game that has the tone and feel of a PEGI 12 game. I swear even Final Fantasy VII has more edge and rawness and that's a game literally intended for teenage audiences. Starfield is way over-sanitised and safe.


Starfield's biggest problem is the fact that it's a PEGI 12 game posing as a PEGI 18 game. I swear even Final Fantasy VII has more edge and rawness and that's a game literally intended for teenage audiences. Starfield is way over-sanitised and safe.


So final fantasy games are great on playstation, But hearing about the PS5 with there digital Game error is a major turn off. Xbox has its perks, 1 perk being I already have a Library of games that I can backwards play. Still Torn between the two ... #PlayStation #Xbox


Woohoo another game down Saga: Final Fantasy Legend I! Onto the next one!


FF7's Highwind vs. FF8's Ragnarok - which of these classic airships is your favourite? 🤔 #finalfantasy #ff7 #ffvii #ff8 #ffviii #ff7rebirth


Found one reason my stream was having technical issues, hopefully I can resolve more issues. I do plan on completing Klonoa 2 and Final Fantasy VIII on stream.


Skyrim hands down, Witcher 2 was good but had bad controls, Never played New Vegas, Final Fantasy 10 is a close second tho!


alright an hour before i start, i've been given the information that, essentially, for the entirety of stream final fantasy xiv is just down for maintenance 🙃 whelp ...destiny 2 it is, anyone wanna do pantheon **** 👀


final fantasy servers are down i cant breathe


ffxiv servers have been down all day, I guess this is my sign to try playing a different final fantasy game


What am I supposed to do while my favorite game final fantasy ******* fourteen fourteen is down


server error? in MY final fantasy?


Final Fantasy XIV Servers are currently facing DDOS attacks world wide, with numerous servers being taken down. #FFXIV #ff14 #FinalFantasy


I don't like dwelling on my wiki past but I am surprised that the Final Fantasy Wiki never forked from Fandom (the indie FF Wiki is a separate project). I know a lot of the admins there were...stubborn in some aspects, but I'd think they'd realize Fandom's problems.


Final Fantasy II done. Yeah, I can see why this isn't exactly anyone's favorite! This game wanted to be more spectacular and most of all DIFFERENT from the first game, and it was both, to a fault. The main problem is this game's leveling system


In a series of unfortunate events i played the first hour of the final fantasy 7 remake (ive never played a ff game before) and actually enjoyed it, problem is i claimed it as a free monthly ps plus game and my subscription ends Today rip