Is BT British Telecom down? ❌


BT Group, commonly known as BT (British Telecom), is a telecommunications and media company based in the United Kingdom. BT is one of the largest and most well-known telecommunications providers in the UK, offering a wide range of services to consumers, businesses, and institutions

No problems at BT British Telecom

rob burr@bob316uk

Who has been f****** around my sky servers. Itid1878 s gone down and then had to reboot again and I lost everything. Thank you to sky bt service

Louise McQuade@McQuade85

Ahh @bt_uk you surpass yourself openreach fix the issue but working fine. Now not working for something you did and can’t get it back up and running for 48hr!! Seriously what kind of service is this?? Total joke

Ayu Asmad@hyu_Aa

''denial process" Masa pakcik saya lepas bt pengecaman mayat yg ditemui tepi pantai, tak nangis pun. Dia cuma bgtau itu anak dia. Lepas tgk mayat..terus pergi kereta dan minum. Tp tak bermaksud dia tak rasa sedih pun. Dia cuba deny benda tu terjadi and ambil masa utk terima

Ernie Thornton@darealern

Nice to see @bt_uk are still having technical issues with paying bill online but are more than happy to cancel your service for not paying bill even though the way to pay bills doesn't and never has worked


@bt_uk hi is your website down? I have been trying to get onto the website/app for two days to pay my internet bill and it won't load. I'm worried I'll get a late fee charged if I can't get on the website to pay

Richard Clegg@RichardClegg522

Very poor service from @bt_uk. Customer log in has been down for several days and BT unable to give any indication at all of when it will be fixed.


@bt_uk Trying to log into MyBT and there’s a problem loading the site. Apparently it’s been an issue for a week. Spoke to a customer service agent but even he couldn’t help. You should keep customers updated @bt_uk