Is Freeview down? ❌


Freeview is a digital terrestrial television service in the United Kingdom that provides free-to-air channels and a range of digital radio stations to viewers. It allows users to access a variety of television channels and radio stations without the need for a subscription. Freeview is available via a television aerial, and users can enjoy the service by simply connecting their TV to an aerial and tuning it to receive the available channels.

No problems at Freeview

Past Incidents


***SYSTEM UPDATE*** Our Freeview IPTV servers are currently going through an update. The service currently down and our team of engineers are working hard to get this back up and running. We will notify customers later today once the service is back. info@skycards.eu


Morning all. It’s seems we’re having some issues with the website, and we’re working to fix asap. In the meantime, the red button facility on Freeview Ch. 82 is still available and is working fine.


Freeview and sky shutting down their satellite dish services. They are moving to Internet service connection only. Freeview will be called freely. This is going to cost people a lot of money.


I'm going to bed! Freeview TV is down; the UKTV app does not work! This country is going to **** in a hand cart! Nothing works properly. Can you imagine if at work we provided such rubbish service? It would be the sack. All large companies can do just what they like it seems.


FFS - only a few weeks ago my @FreeviewTV was down for 3 days... just gone again, no channels at all; such a **** service! Whole lot needs reviewing and changing if they can't keep their sodding service up and running!! Why are we paying for a #tv licence again!? 🤔😠 #freeview