Is Hyperoptic down? ❌


Hyperoptic is a British telecommunications company that specializes in providing superfast broadband services to residential and business customers. The company is known for delivering gigabit-speed (1,000 Mbps) fiber-optic broadband connections, which are significantly faster than traditional broadband technologies like DSL or cable

No problems at Hyperoptic


I’ve never had so many internet issues until we switched to @Hyperoptic so much planned maintenance yet the problem with the internet only started after they messed with it. I’ve lost gaming competitions because of this and now I can’t work… do not recommend.


Glad to see @Hyperoptic value their customers when they have outages. Remember guys, if you don't have service, suck it up and pay for it. That's "just the company policy".


Day 11 of no internet connection after joining @Hyperoptic for less than a month. Still not a date scheduled for a technician visit despite many attempts at getting help from customer support


Day 6 of no service / having my internet randomly shut down after using @Hyperoptic for less than a month


Day 5 of no service / having my internet randomly shut down by @Hyperoptic, no response from tickets and only automated response from emails


NOW WERE TALKING!! hey @Hyperoptic fixed an issue and since i bought a wifi adaptor it increased internet very hard finally internet worth the money saved my day stream games and other stuff thanks to your internet


If anyone is even considering moving their broadband to @Hyperoptic - think twice. 1 week of no internet, 2 calls per day (to them - they never call you back when they say they will), 1 failed engineer visit and the worst customer service ever. Absolute shambles.


Return from holiday to no internet connection with @Hyperoptic. Call up, and baffle their support. Engineer not available until Wednesday... So that's 5 days without internet at least then? Time to look elsewhere me thinks...


So, @Hyperoptic announces its speed & #easytoswitch - but we have now had outage for 2 days: no info from @Hyperoptic, no reason given, no info on when connection back! People working from home badly affected. Really bad service, very disappointing! 👀👀👀


Dear @Hyperoptic any update on your power outage after maintenance carried out yesterday? Some people are still working from home you know 😑


Absolutely woeful customer service from @Hyperoptic. We're at 13 hours of an outage affecting everyone in the area, total lack of proactive communications other than "we're aware" and won't resolve till tomorrow at the earliest. Shoddy.


Unfortunately extremely disappointed with @Hyperoptic and this outage affecting me for >48hours. Struggling for updates as well. Please check your DMs @Hyperoptic


Hey @Hyperoptic we’ve had outage around SE5 for 18 hours now. Broadband comes on for 90 seconds then out again. Impossible to get through on your helpline. No communication - terrible service. Can you give us an update on when it’s likely to be fixed?


Yo @Hyperoptic any ETA on a fix for this outage in SE10?


Worst @Hyperoptic experience I've ever had since being with them, had to open a ticket with them about a strange issue going on with the internet where I could only access some website due to DNS fault.


My @Hyperoptic connection gone down again - second time in three months. No engineer visit until Monday. Heartily sick of them.


Don't be fooled by @Hyperoptic! Their wifi connection is terrible, continuous outages, no alternatives, no solutions from the provider... Don't sign up!


Has anyone had any issues trying to do switch online gaming on a hyperoptic router? I just can't get it to connect - keeps on coming up with the same error code, but then i do all the tests and everything looks fine. Is there something obvious i'm not doing?