Is Plusnet down? ❌


Plusnet is a telecommunications and broadband provider based in the United Kingdom. It offers a range of broadband, phone, and digital TV services to consumers and businesses. Plusnet is known for its focus on providing reliable and affordable broadband services with good customer support

No problems at Plusnet


Hi @Plusnet my wifi is not working and router has been flashing orange...please help, can't wfh! E3 area London


@cntxts Sorry about your internet troubles. I'd be frustrated too. I would love to investigate your situation, but first can you please DM us your username so we can properly look into your connection. Let's get your Internet fixed! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ -Kind regards, Matthew B


Our @plusnet router has been flashing orange for hours. Is Plusnet down again? @plusnethelp @PlusnetOfficial


Yet again no internet thanks alot @Plusnet .... its been a terrible connection for the last 2weeks now nothing


"Plusnet Mobile" is no longer operational. Plusnet only does Broadband now. I tried to transfer my old number over to EE, but I couldn't get the PAC code to work. Now it's closed down, I can't get another. So, those who know me will receive my new number soon. 😬🫀


Morning @plusnethelp seems like some issues in AB38 since last night, lots of people reporting no connection. Can't find any issues logged online about it. I'm certainly not getting a connection, can you check?


#Plusnet Well done Plusnet had an 'outage' today got a call, a text, and email on phone with apologies and contact details. Virgin used to go down practically weekly with no explanation! Its back now great customer service


Hmm internet connection goes down. Looks at log files. DoS(Port Scanning). I wonder if anyone else on the @bt_uk wider network is having issues? E.g. @EE or @Plusnet ?


No Internet currently in CW1 is there an issue @Plusnet?


.@Plusnet do you have an outage in the #BS348RT area?


I'm starting to regret going with @Plusnet for my broadband, never had so many outages, and my last supplier was SHELL, and I thought they were bad! Turns out, plusnet seem worse, what's funny is we only been with them a couple months and they are already raising the price!


Anyone else having issues with @Plusnet again? My speeds are dire. Supposed to be 70mbps but it’s down to 21 mbps. 😩


Hey @Plusnet we had an 5+ hour outage on our FTTP last night, was this planned maintenance, or a wider BT Openreach issue?


Hey @plusnet any outages reported in BN42 area? Our WiFi has gone down


πŸ’© to @plusnethelp because Slow unstable connection, wa… Plusnet in United Kingdom: speed, performance, outages and user reviews πŸ‘‰ #fing #internet #Plusnet via @fingapp @outagedetect