Is GitHub down? ❌


GitHub is a web-based platform used for version control and collaboration on software projects. It provides a way for developers to manage and track changes to their code, coordinate with teammates, and contribute to open source projects. With GitHub, developers can create repositories, which can be thought of as folders or directories where code is stored

No problems at GitHub

Jay Tamrakar@mr_jaytamrakar

I want to use GitHub copilot for free but not able to use it. Also my college student mail id is not working for the GitHub student developer pack, any idea how to use it for free??? #github #copilot @GitHubCopilot @GitHubAPI @github

Lovelesh Gangil@loveleshgangil

If I find any code on github and it contains some errors and is not working properly. Can I remove the errors and recode it and publish it on my github? #cybersecurity #infosecurity #infosec #github