Is Glassdoor down? ❌


Glassdoor is a website that allows current and former employees to anonymously review and rate companies and their management. It provides information about salaries, job listings, employee reviews, and interview experiences. Glassdoor also offers insights into company culture, career growth opportunities, and work-life balance

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Super fun when @LinkedIn is down while you’re looking for a job because you’ve been laid off. Really helping me network. Really helpful in the job search. This is literally my job now: getting a new job. Don’t make me have to use Glassdoor.


Dude. Yhis whole thing started 3 days ago. I agree that what they did was scummy, they need to address the glassdoor reviews and stuff but holy ****, there is no need to suddenly BOYCOTT Glitch over this incident. Talk about 0 to 110. Calm the **** down.


"Indie animation is dead" No it's not lol Glitch isn't the only indie animation place. It's also wise to probably stay neutral until a proper response since... it's possible the Glassdoor reviews are probably not true because... shocker... people can lie. But who knows.


@CelesteNotleyS @davejoeff @LottieBourneVO I’m sorry to hear that, Celeste. Glitch unfortunately has a history of not being the best employer since they started taking on other projects other than Meta Runner. Their Glassdoor reviews for employees are… not great either 😅