Is Glide down? ❌


Glide is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive video messages in real-time. It was developed by Glide Talk Ltd and is available for both iOS and Android devices

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Wait does anyone else also have the issue where theres a lot of small little lags when you glide/sprint in wuwa? Or just me? Cuz im seeing so many ppl say their game is smooth 😭


A player fails to regularly hit glide phase in their skating stride and instead goes directly to inside edges. What are the common issues?


Well done everyone. We're on the glide path now, just on the edge of too fast. A grid outage near one of the mining sites might be advisable. Do your part!


Patch first Goosander DC at Outfall Lane this morning out done by a world first worm hole entering medium sized BOP. Picked up in mid channel heading straight at me, low down, flap-flap glide. ? Marsh Harrier, followed it for some time, getting perplexed because it didn't seem


Hi @dvdsgl 👋. We've been facing an IMP issue with our Glide app, the app is live but is inaccessible to the users, we've reported the same to the community + glide support but received no response from the team so far. Pls. kindly look into the matter.


Anyone got a link for the city game? Struggling to find one and the wifi is down in my flat (never get Glide internet - internet down right before a derby match??? Get in the bin)


Yes sir. Here I will give another video shot of the NYFTER Sakura Glass pad by @Nyfter_com I do not own a @SkyPADgg . I do own a @PulsarGears SuperGlide and the Pulsar Polarity. And the glide on this NYFTER pad is more controlled than the SuperGlide pads. Once I have used the pad for a month I will be doing a full review and spec run down. But it is 500x500 and is 5.1mm thick. very high quality pad.


Glide Wi-Fi down, data not working, no YouTube. Going to sleep raw ain’t it 😞