Is GOG.com down? ❌


GOG.com is an online platform for purchasing and downloading video games. It was launched in 2008 by CD Projekt, a Polish video game developer and publisher. GOG.com focuses on providing DRM-free games, meaning that once purchased, players can download and play their games without any additional restrictions or limitations

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GOG.com outage map · 2024-05-25

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While @HeroicLauncher is a godsend when it comes to playing games from @GOGcom the experience is still hit and miss on Linux. Native Linux binary from 2014? Segfault. A classic Windows game with recent Wine? Use Winetricks, get an error anyway. Lots of manual configuration.


are y'all having issues with 2FA emails or is it an issue with gmail because it's been about 20 minutes and I've received nothing @GOGcom