Is Google Drive down? ❌


Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store files, documents, photos, videos, and other digital content in the cloud, making them accessible from various devices with an internet connection

No problems at Google Drive

Sarath Chandra@i_sarathchandra

Dear @googledrive I'm a regular user of Google Drive for Desktop application. I donno why but this app stopped working. I tried multiple times but in vain. I even did a reset of my windows device, but of no use. Error screenshot attached. Please resolve. https://t.co/3CLPHkwj7o

Sarath Chandra@i_sarathchandra

Dear @googledrive Drive for Desktop is not working from the past 2 days. I also submitted a feedback yet no reply received. Please resolve this ASAP as this issue is very frustrating. #GoogleDriveforDesktop https://t.co/75T8L9G7zI

Victor 🇫🇷🇺🇸@FlipFloopDev

Has anyone ever had issues where a python @pygame_org app built with #pyinstaller would work after being built, but once uploaded to @googledrive (and subsequently downloaded), the file would be damaged? Intel Mac build source/destination, Python 3.11. Windows and ARM mac are ok.


😫 My Google Drive is acting up and showing a 500 error message! 🚫 Tried refreshing, but no luck. Anyone else experiencing this? My whole process got stucked #GoogleDrive #Error500 #TechIssues @sundarpichai @Google @Meta @narendramodi @Microsoft @GoI_MeitY


😫 My Google Drive is acting up and showing a 500 error message! 🚫 Tried refreshing, but no luck. Anyone else experiencing this? #GoogleDrive #Error500 #TechIssues

sarah 6v6 🌱 | fan acc@6v6taeminlovee

There was an issue with Google drive ...now I reupload it again I'm sorry 🥺

Cyber Readiness Institute@Cyber_Readiness

Don't be fooled by this #PhishingFriday attempt! Can you spot what gives this email away as a #phishing attempt? It looks like a typical Google Drive link at first glance, but a closer look reveals a few errors. Be on the lookout for odd subject lines or unknown senders that look correct but are a little off! #BeCyberReady

🇫🇮☠ 𝑶𝒔𝒊𝒂𝒔 ☠🇫🇮@Osiasart

Seconded If you're looking for an alternative for when Gmail gets shitcanned, Protonmail is superlative. They also have a cloud service just like Google drive.

Lorenzo Vinciprova@lorenzo20046

Shock your followers with facts about you: ⭐️-I have trust issues ⭐️-I have a heart shapped mouth ⭐️-I keep my drawings on Google Drive ⭐️-I hate small dogs ⭐️-I used to have a channel called Olimar Bubble where i used to make cringy plush videos

Paul Paintin@PaulPaintin

Hey @ACC_HomeAlexa, late to the party, recently discovered you. Had issues with using Google Drive so trying to switch to OneDrive, but on step 2 of setup, clicking the link to use google assistant loads IFTTT with no applets found message. Is this a dead end?

PiunikaWeb - Everything Google Pixel@PiunikaWeb

Google Drive not letting users play videos, throws ‘allowed playbacks has been exceeded’ error https://t.co/Uprw4wGvA8 #news #TeamPixel #GooglePixel https://t.co/PCzxlqdx4f

Chris Cameron | The ADHD Automator@cryophobic

If you use Make with a free Google account, this is essential knowledge! I used to "randomly" receive error messages from Make, telling me my Google Drive or Gmail account was unauthorized. Here's how to fix it! 👇 https://t.co/5HjCEOyKWx

efjay 🇵🇸@mrdrprof_fernie

I hope Facebook never goes down. I know it's problematic and **** but it's my Google Drive, my scrapbook of memories

Tyrone Jacobs Jr.@tyronejacobsjr

I have 2TB of iCloud Storage, a portable iPhone USB stick, 5TB HDD, and extra Dropbox/Google Drive storage. I NEVER have “I ran outta space” problems.

Sam ✨@stroodledoodles

hate when a google drive link that you've used numbers of times before with no issue suddenly doesn't wanna work >:(

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls@PeoplesOracle

Is anyone else having issues with Google Drive app on their iphone? I can access any of my files and folders. I get the circle and nothing happens. @googledrive

Croomfie Records 💿@CroomfieRecords

Due to youtube uploading issues, the remix to "(the eras tour) belongs with me" is on google drive, click the link to access! See you for the new single "you need to get lost" and "(the eras tour) belongs with me" visualiser, next week from 9pm AEDT. https://t.co/8hXJPi3cnf https://t.co/jQ1mWCKubA


“Why is the internet so slow?” Blud you have been uploading 8hours of footage to your google drive and we have 3mbs down/1.5up max. You tell me why it’s been slow the last week.


why is my pinterest and google drive suddenly not working despite having normal internet connection? I demand answers