Is Google Maps down? ❌


Google Maps is a widely used online mapping and navigation service developed by Google. It provides users with detailed maps, real-time navigation, location-based services, and a variety of useful features to help users navigate and explore their surroundings

No problems at Google Maps


anyone else having issues with adding a billing account to #Google cloud? especially when dealing with #Google maps api


A little bit annoyed with Stagecoach #Peterborough for the app being down, no signs at the bus stop and nothing on Google maps to suggest that the no 1 bus had been rerouted. Missed 2 buses and arrived late for an appointment. Why is the bus service so bad here?


Did google maps website become slow recently? I am encountering weird performance issues with google maps website


Today’s navigational errors have once again assured me that Google Maps has a worse sense of direction than a moldy turnip


Came across the weirdest bug on a family member’s Android phone. It would receive calls but the phone wouldn’t let him actually answer them. No answer/hangup prompt and screen presses didn’t register. The culprit? GOOGLE MAPS CACHED DATA.


#GoogleMaps is glitching hard for my husband and I driving up via the M1/A1 to N Yorkshire. Anyone else having massive #satnav issues driving today in GB? Are they having an outage?!?


What is this hilarious error on @googlemaps with going to Kuala Lumpur airport? 😂


Google maps currently saying septa is free… is this a glitch or??


Someone else having issues with #Google maps today?


google maps doesn't support walking directions with offline maps, any alternatives?


Lowkey Google Maps is the best map app if they fix the UI for driving


Google Maps just got upgraded! Now you can directly chat with it like ChatGPT. Here are 5 new awesome features available on Maps:


I’ve been noticing issues for Facebook and google maps for weeks Giant junk companies Ironically Twitter working fine


Does it drive anyone else absolutely INSANE when google maps clocks your “next step” as NOT taking an exit??? And then you can’t even see what your actual next step is???? You’d think with today’s advanced AI that google would be able to fix this. Flop


If you make 100k/yr your working hours are worth $50/hr. Google Maps says taking a bus from my office to the airport would add at least an hour vs car. It's only a savings if you have nowhere else to be, which is why these transit enjoyers have such weird conceptions of life.


Interesting fact I noted from my travels: Europe, US: Apple Maps is on par, (and most times, better actually) than Google Maps. Africa: Google Maps beats Apple Maps, hands down.


fix it @googlemaps


Good morning. Today’s question. Why is my google maps IPhone upside down! On both my iPhones? How do I fix it? Thanks. Oh, and have a nice day


What's your strategy for using Google Maps offline, ensuring you have access to maps and directions when you're without internet?


It’s amazing how terrible google maps looks


Dear @Uber_India, maps not working on your app in #Chennai all day today. Drivers using Google Maps for navigation. #Uber


Google Maps showed everywhere I was yesterday after 3pm accurately yet I didn't connect to any wifi 😂 . I was offline the whole time after 3pm but yet it managed to pick up the locations! Where is privacy kante?😂


VC Bird Airport name is listed as that on Google Maps now for some reason 😭😭😭


Up Next from the guys that say "I have a hard time finding customers": • "I have no time to set up a website" • "I have no time to set up an Instagram account" • "I have no time to set up my shop on Google Maps" Meanwhile, $ flows down the drain.


My phone's GPS is cooked. My Google Maps app no dey function well again. How do I fix this???


.@Uber_Support how do you request a ride to/from a physical address that exists in the real world (& @googlemaps) but isn't in the (Uber App) database... This is a safety issue! @POTUS @iamwesmoore @davidjtrone @MDOTNews @PeteButtigieg @MoCoCouncilMD @MarylandPSC @VP @STATter911


Any other @VolvoCarUSA owners have trouble with the google maps after the latest update? My XC40 constantly shows Google maps as offline even though the Internet connection is not.


google maps error kah?


I love and often rely on mapping and geo data tools like Google Maps, but it's definitely concerning how a data quirk or routing error can provide unreliable navigation information. See this example of cycling directions from Vancouver to Richmond. #cycling #bikevan


Hey @GoogleMaps can you explain WTF is going on here?? (Also, my home address is still *occasionally* geocoded completely incorrectly, despite reporting this issue over two years ago)