Is Amazon Kindle down? ❌


The Amazon Kindle is a line of e-readers designed and sold by Amazon. Kindle devices are specifically designed for reading digital books (e-books) and other types of digital content, such as magazines, newspapers, and documents

No problems at Amazon Kindle


Not my @AmazonKindle app is tripping rn 🥲


Idk what tf amazon got going on but they better fix my kindle app right tf now!!!!!! I dont play about my books fr!!!!! @AmazonKindle fix itttt


I bought a @AmazonKindle (6" kindle) this January. It stopped working recently. It just shows a critical error page. Any attempts to reset is also failing. When I contacted @amazonIN, they said the device is out of stock and the only option is to just return the device.


Yo @AmazonKindle what gives? Looks like this is an ongoing problem affecting the Kindle Scribe. Rebooting doesn’t fix it, changing networks doesn’t fix it, looks like y’all got a firmware problem.


Is anyone else having problems with uploading a #kindlebook on @AmazonKindle as I’ve completed the tax form many times, but still my new kindle book is not published. Apparently @amazon are having technical issues, been going on for days. Help? @AmazonHelp LOSING MONEY and readers!


Could be a large comics (@comiXology ) library issue but the latest @AmazonKindle patch on Android has made groups slow/unable to load. Fix I found (a) toggle groups off - messy if you have lots of singles or downloaded volumes in a series…


Is anyone else having issues with their @AmazonKindle today? I don't seem to be getting any results on the kindle store and can't download anything !


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