Is Mass Effect down? ❌

Mass Effect is a popular science fiction action role-playing video game series developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The series is known for its immersive storytelling, rich world-building, and player-driven choices that impact the game's narrative

No problems at Mass Effect


Hello??? @EA??? You just removed all my games??? Is anyone else having this issue??? Please tell me this is an error and EA did not just remove games I PAID for. #plantsvzzombies #PVZ #MassEffect #Titanfall #EA


@EAHelp Give me back my Mass Effect...


Mass Effect Andromeda is a good game


Funny thing is almost every game I have played with the option of a male or female version of the playable character, the female voice actor almost always gives the best performance. Mass Effect and Cyberpunk for example.


#RPGLB2024 is back online, while there was a brief outage stream has resumed and will be back to our scheduled run of Mass Effect 2 shortly


Internet is down so I’m doing some cleaning and I found this doodle of my Mass Effect OC Vironica Shepard and wow. I love my jump in skill. Go me.


ao3 going down as i was rereading my favorite fic 😒 i guess i’ll PLAY mass effect instead


The release is delayed once agian as I ran into a giant mess when it comes to launching the Legendary Edition, or even having access to it. Ugh. Serves me right for ever even modding the remaster. Mods are actually done, I just need to resolve this issue. #MassEffect #bioware


Imagine a #MassEffect squad with #Jack’s raw power, #EDI’s tech skills, #Liara’s biotic abilities, and #Shepard’s leadership! 🤩 This dream team could conquer the galaxy.. 💪💫 🎨 fanonsdoodle (on Insta) #masseffectfanart


#MassEffect #MassEffectLegendaryEdition #EdiShep This is a creepy glitch 😐 I love you Edi but get out of my internal affairs! Why couldn't this happen with Liara?!!


Mass Effect legendary Edition is on sale for $5.99 on Steam until May 13.


As a reminder: Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Steam (playing it right now) - completely SINGLE-PLAYER game, not any sign of multiplayer content, from EA requires to link an EA account with Steam and nobody has a problem with this ?


Ok gamer buddies, I have a question for all of you. It's my experience with Origin (EA) that whenever the servers would get bogged down or my Internet went down, I couldn't even play my Mass Effect single player campaign.


TitanFall 3 Cancelled… A New Deus Ex Game Cancelled… DeadSpace franchise is on hold… Developer talks End Game Content for a Single Player Game… Lower Decks Cancelled… Mass Effect 4 is 5 years away… I’m fine… Anyway:


Look, it's not my fault a minor decision 30 hours into Mass Effect made me restart the entire game


Going live! Just got done with tech issues galore, gonna start the day with some hunt showdown then later we'll mass effect or helldive ^^ Come hangout!


Glitch Saga continues… #MassEffect #gaming #TwitchAffilate #gamergirl #Videogame


Cyberpunk will be too annoying to fix rn so I'm just gonna stream mass effect, continuing my old playthrough from last time I streamed it forever ago


I had the exact thing happen when i had someone come fix my internet.. “so you game, like animal crossing or zelda?” “No all kinds of games, primarily RPGs, but I used be really heavy into FPS, primarily battlefield. Have you heard of mass effect?” “No” “that’s a shame” 🤣


SO MAD my mass effect game crashed and wont load now AND my internet is down so I can't re-download it boooooooooo


Due to issues with uploading tonights Mass Effect will be a little late looking around 9:30


I was watching @Cartoonbrains play and this is the funniest glitch I've ever seen in Mass Effect, Liara what is WRONG?! 😂