Is Need for Speed down? ❌


Need for Speed is a popular video game franchise that is focused on high-speed racing and car customization. The games in the series generally involve illegal street racing, as players compete in races and perform various driving maneuvers to earn reputation and unlock new cars

No problems at Need for Speed


Can't play online game on NFS Unbound. Error code 80060000 @EAHelp @NeedforSpeed


@EAHelp When Will The NFs Unbound UI Bug will Be Fixed , Its Been Days , we cant play the **** game without it !!!! @NeedforSpeed


@EAHelp @NeedforSpeed It’s been so many days and it hasn’t been fixed yet


@EAHelp @NeedforSpeed @EAHelp When I purchase my 117th car it says purchase failed can you please fix this


@EAHelp @NeedforSpeed why is some parts (ie. rims, projections) i got from speed pass vol6 got locked all of the sudden??


Hello there! I bought this game last year on the @PlayStation store on my PS4 and this keep happening, never played the game. 'cause of this. @EA @NeedforSpeed hope @Sony @PlayStation can solve this problem. Thanks!


Need For Speed: Assemble New Season 2 Update is now available 👀 Update Contents: - New Season 2 ✅ - S2 team competition starts from May 20th ✅ - Game Crash Issue Fixed ✅ - Performance Optimization ✅ - Bug Fixes ✅


dude this ******* power outage managed to not do anything to any one of my ******* computer parts except the ******* W AND S KEY, I CAN'T PLAY NEED FOR SPEED ANYMORE WITHOUT MASSIVE WORKAROUNDS **** MY LIFE


"Hey @JMilei , when you're done turbocharging the economy, any chance you could fix my WiFi? It’s currently as unstable as fiat currency! #NeedForSpeed"


gonna try and regrind need for speed unbound… all my data lost since i had to delete my files to even play online from this cache glitch going on.


Need for Speed Error Code 9: How to Fix?


Ayo that Unite name sends shivers down a Need for Speed fan's spine.


If Fortnite gets Toyota before Need For Speed I’ll make sure that the devs will never live it down 😭


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Need for Speed unbound Glitch Stuck a wall time Cop! via @YouTube


Anybody else having this issue when trying to play the Sims 4?! I Don't see it in my library and when I look it up and click on it I get the error again...this is not happening for Need for Speed...so confused #TheSims #TheSims4


Til The Sweat Drop Down My *****!!!! Need For Speed UnderGround Stream Is Up!