Is 2degrees down? ❌


2degrees is a telecommunications company in New Zealand that provides a range of mobile and fixed-line communication services to individuals, businesses, and communities

No problems at 2degrees


2degrees? Anyone else having issues tonight?


Is anybody else having problems with @2degreesmobile UFB and non-Fritz!box routers ? Our TP-Link device stopped talking to the ONT so I replaced it with the old Fbox device which worked perfectly but a brand new TP-Link router is doing exactly the same thing as the first. πŸ€”


. @2degreesmobile Which is it?!... a "planned outage" or a "repair".. because it looks like an unplanned outage to me. Since 2pm?! Keen to top up a prepay account.


Is 2degrees down? I haven't had reception or data all day


2degrees internet is down


Hello @2degreesmobile ...you have mail. My landline is not connected to your network. WHY? I've had that number since 2006.


Is @2degreesmobile having issues with thier networks or something? Texts taking ages to go through and mobile data basically non existant...


hey @2degreesmobile my fibre connection is down 3rd day in a row, there is a confirmed enable-2degrees authentication issue impacting multiple customers, and yet your website says this:


Hey @2degreesmobile services are not working since afternoon. Very low phone network and wifi not working!


Anybody else have issues with call forwarding settings with @2degreesmobile with VoLTE? This is on a S21. With VoLTE on, SIM1 errors for each destination option, SIM2 says No number set for all. If I disabled VoLTE it works fine for both SIMs, showing the correct destinations.


My phone is casually deciding to have no service like whattt πŸ“‘πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Findom | Goddess | Worship | 2degrees | NZ πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ


Anyone else on "FLIP" internet having issues since 2degrees took over and started emailing everyone their account was overdue?