Is OneDrive down? ❌


OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft. It allows users to store, sync, and share files and folders on the internet. OneDrive is integrated with Microsoft Office, which means that users can easily access and collaborate on Office documents from anywhere

No problems at OneDrive


When OneDrive is down and you can’t access your documents <<<<<<<<

Paul Paintin@PaulPaintin

Hey @ACC_HomeAlexa, late to the party, recently discovered you. Had issues with using Google Drive so trying to switch to OneDrive, but on step 2 of setup, clicking the link to use google assistant loads IFTTT with no applets found message. Is this a dead end?

Querijn Heijmans@_int3

I've locked myself in the OneDrive ecosystem. I have so many files in my Projects folder that it's impossible to sync it completely and therefore impossible to take it out. And I want to get out, I've had way too many issues, this **** is so *** :(

Daisy Liu@DaisyLiu220

How to Fix OneDrive Stuck Looking for Changes on Windows 11/10? https://t.co/sb3pvkNtdt via @MiniTool_

Whisper 🍁@array0x

Found something funny with Windows recently. So basically i've been having issues where my file explorer would freeze randomly right! I unlink my PC from Onedrive (since Microsoft automatically does that for some reason) it works fully now without any freezing! #Microsoft

Aurelie Chen@aureliecxy

How to Fix OneDrive SharePoint Not Syncing? https://t.co/wGLfNIx1E5 via @MiniTool_

Girish Mehta@G_irishM

Is @onedrive not working for everyone? I haven’t been able to access it for a week now. :/ #microsoft #onedrive

UT Dallas OIT@UTDInfoTech

OIT has received reports that @Box is having issues with logins. Users may see errors or timeouts. @onedrive is functioning normally. #Microsoft