Is Poloniex Exchange down? ❌


Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade a wide variety of digital assets. It was one of the early cryptocurrency exchanges, founded in 2014. Poloniex gained popularity for its wide range of listed cryptocurrencies and its user-friendly interface.

No problems at Poloniex Exchange


#poloniex @Poloniex why #HashAi withdrawal has been disabled and their support team was not direct with their answers. Any issues with the exchange? it's some kind of a worrying issue.


My existence thus far has been short (less than 20 days... yet NO OTHER meme coin has managed to get as many listings. ✅ @MEXC_Official ✅ @Bybit_Official ✅ @BloFin_Official ✅ @HTX_Global ✅ @XTexchange ✅ @CoinXofficial_ ✅ @CoinWOfficial @Poloniex & @gate_io (soon) and many more...


Anyone else having issues withdrawing from @Poloniex ?


Polo Support when are you going to fix the access to the Affiliate System of Poloniex? I can't log in into the Affiliate System. @PoloSupport @Poloniex @justinsuntron @HTX_Global


Polo Support When are you going to fix your mistake you did in the upgrade. We are still waiting for your answers. @Poloniex @PoloSupport @justinsuntron


My account has frozen and I sent many support tickets but you don't care, What’s the problem? @Poloniex


Hi, We're sorry to hear about your experience with our support team. We take all feedback seriously and would like to investigate this further. Please DM us a brief summary of the issue you're facing. We'll do our best to assist


@Poloniex @JivaraLabs @Poloniex what is happening with Solana #SOL @solana on your exchange? It is now under the maintenance already for three weeks?!?! On support nobody answering in ticket request… What is going on? When will be fixed?