Is Rackspace down? ❌


Rackspace is a cloud computing and managed hosting company. It provides a wide range of services, including website hosting, big data solutions, database management, and cloud storage. Rackspace is known for its Fanatical Support® approach, which emphasizes personalized customer service and technical support

No problems at Rackspace


Is Rackspace down? #Rackspace status: Delays in MyRackspace Portal Logins. More: Seeing this? Please retweet. 🙏 @Rackspace can you help? #RackspaceDown 😱


.@rackspace We closed our hosting account with you several weeks ago and you're still charging us. I've opened tickets and no reply. I've called and was told it would be resolved and ticket updated. But no update. This is terrible business. Should be a 3 minute fix and refund.