Is Revolut down? ❌


Revolut is a financial technology company that offers a range of banking and financial services through its mobile app. The Revolut app provides users with features such as currency exchange, international money transfers, budgeting tools, spending analytics, and more

No problems at Revolut


@RevolutApp I have not been able to access my app for over 12 hrs ?


How many @RevolutApp support team members need to get two standard statements that you could not get due the app’s bug? You could count on the screen the number that was NOT enough. The worst support experience I ever have.


Anyone having problems accessing their @RevolutApp account today?


I have been trying to solve my issue and what a customer service! Some they don’t even answer, some they stop talking… ı have been using this app long time and this is the worst experience @RevolutApp @revolut @UKOpenBanking


Hey @RevolutApp , what's wrong again with the #eSim-Tab in your App? It's not working right now....


Hi @RevolutApp The app is telling me to change my passcode as soon as I log in but then straight away says the selfie doesn’t match and to try later. Problem with the app ??


Whats going on with your app @AskNationwide ever since your update nothing but problems. Now i cant get to the main account page without a crash. I already use @RevolutApp with no problems perhaps a permanent change is needed.


Any one else’s @RevolutApp down? Can’t access it at all.


Anyone else experience a referral link for Revolut not working even though all steps where followed within the time frame @RevolutApp


Many Ppl in receipt of Disability Allowance & other SW payments that use the @RevolutApp for banking have no payments today. #ISSUES 🤔


Yoooo @RevolutApp apps not working


@RevolutApp been awaiting 33 mins no response from 24/7 chat ****** awful