Is Rust down? ❌


Rust is a popular multiplayer survival video game developed and published by Facepunch Studios. Rust is known for its challenging survival mechanics, open-world sandbox gameplay, and player interaction

No problems at Rust


Debian arm libraries are a very important part of bitcoins multi thread tech Cross compiling language changes to bitcoin helps C++ to Rust using Rustc compiler helps find lots of small coding errors.


In Rust, a "span" is a range of source code used by the compiler for error reporting, debugging, and code generation, representing the location of syntax elements within the source text.


Last call, anyone know how to fix random blue screens when trying to launch @playrust ? Reinstalling windows, losing all of my app settings didn't help.


¡NOTICIA: RUST! ⚠️IMPORTANT Many US-Based Rust servers are being affected by a data center power outage due to bad weather. Including: US East 1 US East Large The facility has said it could be a couple hours before power is restored. Get some laundry done, touch grass, or c…


So @playrust any idea for how to make offline raids less of an issue? My group hasn’t been online raided for about 3 years now and we only play Official Vanilla Rust servers. We get offlined day 1 or 2 of every single wipe like clockwork


Anyone down for some rust ??


Switching to a different parser generator for Rust. Pest was ok to get up and running, but the error messages are pretty much useless and there is zero warning if you have 2 matching rules.


Despite everything, I still I prefer debugging c++ runtime errors over rust errors.


Monday Rust Quiz!!! What’s the main benefit of using generics in rust? A - Better code readability B - Increased code reusability C - Better error handling D - Faster code execution


shopify always seems like such a forward thinking company - rust foundation member - WASM early adopter - graphql early (only) adopter - remote UI enjoyer - remix purchaser but once every outage i am reminded.... they host on google cloud ~~embarassing~~


bro steam is down, how am i supposed to grind Rust now?


@kudahelp_ng @nelsongeegold @kudahelp_ng I feel all of us (your customers) should close our accounts and let you guys rust,cause you’re all thieves


El error handling de Rust es horrible


I used to be psychotic. Only had Xbox live at my grandparents and I stopped there on the weekends, so during the week I would play rust split screen by myself shooting the other one thousands of times to get my MW2 fix


Learning rust with @Corcel_X and Bittensor finetune the app throws errors sometimes but much better than chat GPT. It supports most popular models if either of them hallucinates, I just ask the other one


#chogs Airfryer going free. Basket is a little rusty and has a ***** missing, easy fix and a liner would sort rust.


anyone else having any problems seeing the full server list on rust?


Rust error messages are so explanatory


fix your server @playrust


rust errors can be annoying


Reload Glitch Fixed Back to Warzone but The Rust break was too fun 😂


🦀 A simple #RustQuiz Is there any bug in this code? #rustlang #rust


Day 65 of #100daysofcode 🍷, Delved into advanced error handling in Rust—Result type, ? operator, custom errors. Explored concurrency with threads, message passing, and parallelism using Rayon library. Rust journey progressing well


Imagine getting offline #rustconsole #rust


Software written in Rust has as default “it runs fast” “and it uses low memory” properties. JS is the opposite as default, you know you will encounter perf / memory issues down the road. (Opposite aspect with dx)


I need help dockerizing my Rust project using Alpine, but I keep hitting this error. Can anyone lend a hand?


no time to dilly dally, rust analzyer not working, just raw ******* rust without even my local env able to compile atm. just pure intuition and speed.


rust error messages are on another level


@playrust Hey I whas recently banned on rust my steam whas hacked Now i see im banned by eac I realy wand the game back coz I got proof of this Im contacting you this way coz im getting only script anwers from you and you say ist eac but its your game you decide to let inoccent pll play


Rust has made me a much better programmer. I love how it gives me the choice between addressing each possible error scenario or looking deep into my own eyes in the mirror and admitting that I don't know how to handle it out loud