Is Starbucks down? ❌


Starbucks is a well-known American multinational coffeehouse chain. The company is known for its wide range of coffee beverages, teas, pastries, and other food items, as well as its distinctive green logo

No problems at Starbucks


tbh….I have many issues and I feel like the most relevant are 1. the starbucks ad? very weird placement and not slick 2. the pamphlet in arabic? odd esp if they tried to say that it was attacks from multiple enemies, interesting choice 3. produced by obamas❓(war criminal) 👃🏼🐟


@anddyyy01 Million of people have been dying for the past 10 years but I didn’t see you guys boycott anything why are you on x him not drinking Starbucks will make no difference but you know what will make a difference burning your iPhone and cars I bet they will see that u guys are serious


Anyone else having issues logging into their @Starbucks app ?😑


I need an entrance like this when I go to blog at Starbucks bc my WiFi is down 😂


This store has its own things going on, BUT, something is going on with massive software systems since the AT&T outage. Target in Bowie Friday had no self check out working, Starbucks closed. City Vista Safeway Friday, same. Something wrong w/ software no one talking about.


I am today mourning the fact that Starbucks appear to have rectified the in-app glitch that allowed me 9 free coffees for my birthday as opposed to one. Beyond gutted given I’d briefly dreamt of this never being fixed and me getting free coffee for life. 😄☕️


Man that AT&T outage is not great - had to place my Starbucks order in line like a peasant since I had no cell service on my drive into work.


Starbucks servers aren’t down 🙌🏼😂


I’m completely affected by the #outage. No cell, no internet or cable. Even security is down. All provided by AT&T! Had to go to Starbucks just to figure out what the **** is going on! No bueno!


Leave the world behind vibes Wi-Fi is not working I had to stop in Starbucks to send a text


This AT&T outage is significant.. One of our morning guests had to stop at Starbucks to call and let us know she was almost here. I’m hearing people have SOS signals on their phone as soon as they disconnect from WiFi. #ATTOutage @KARK4News


I don’t see anything wrong with this tbh other than the Starbucks brand itself of course #FreePalesine and I’d probably water down the coffee a good amount or switch it out for a non caffeinated beverage!


More community members are reporting a resolution to the glitch that previously resulted in being unable to see some of the BSP2 gift card art in the @Starbucks app. Check out this stunning custom @AkuDreams gift card shared by @roadjam64 in the #StarbucksOdyssey Discord!


Boost Mobile App is temporarily down for Starbucks location. We will let you know once it is back up and running!


Starbucks: when handicap access is of concern then the building owner is responsible for access. All disability access or language is an App issue.


What a busy day of admin work across services and social accounts. Plus the surprise deployment issue with my website (which is all fixed). I've been at this Starbucks for 7 hours, I think it's time to go home and eat something 😅


#starbucks #Burlingtonwi When is Starbucks going to fix the WiFi at this store? It’s terrible. It’s like having Folgers for the internet. McDonald’s has better WiFi 😕.


pssst you’re still a *** object when you work at starbucks, you’re just not consenting to it or being compensated for it 🤡


bro, theres a nationwide outage from this service provider i use. and now i'm sitting at starbucks using their wifi to listen to jungkook's stationhead live