Is Steam down? ❌


Steam is a digital distribution platform and online gaming community developed by Valve Corporation

No problems at Steam


The steam deck can do what the PS Portal does sure but it doesn’t feel the same.. the experience is different for me.. I guess when it really boils down to it, no matter how great the steam deck is; when push comes to shove, I’ll always choose my PS over it.. 🥺


Is anyone elses steam profile not working correctly atm? I feel like whatever they did broke mine.


My Steam machine is arguing with Helldivers. I'm making this everyone's problem.


The issue is that it’s still an Ubisoft game, and their games have been mid for a minute now. I’ve put 100 hours into AC Odyssey and the real reason I was able to enjoy that game was because I got it for $18 on Steam. If I’d paid full price I would’ve been ****** off.


Trading items through Steam appears to be down currently, as tradeurls stop working ( amongst other things ). It's likely this is just a steam outage, however possible this is an intentional end to trading.


If you're always on steam big picture this wouldn't be a problem for you


wtf is going on? #steam is not working properly.


why have my hours on ark / steam gone down from 1k to 750 hours? i was so proud of my 1k hours but its been slowly dropping over the past two years😭


Offline mode isn't compatible with steam deck do they realize there is two sides of steam deck now? I'm gonna assume they mean the default OS Linux. Thankfully im on Dual booted Windows Steam Deck. Though I'd still buy when I can & test no game funds this month.


I have a steam deck I don’t know how to fix the black screen problem on my steam deck please help me


Is steam having issues for anyone else. Namely images just not loading period..


Hey @elonmusk if you’re not going to have Steam support in the S & X just make a change to all vehicles to allow HDMI input via the USB-C ports already on the car Then people can plug in their Xbox or Nintendo Switch or iPad or whatever


Tesla informs new Model S & Model X buyers they won't have access to Steam gaming. Existing owners unaffected.


Steam images not loading for anyone else. I heard it was down a few days ago but is it still giving peopl problems.


what to do when your still upset with bae and dont want to talk but u built a new pc and no longer have access to their library on steam..😔 gamer couple problems..


WTF soo on steam deck when I go to fast travel in Fallout New vegas the game just closes. Never had this issue until old world blues. ugh


Reminder we'll be playing this tonight!! It has JUST launched on Steam, and it's currently 15% off for its debut. Support your indie devs!! Come on down in around an hour to watch me get scared!


Steam, Me Again! Game Fallout 4 GOTY (Offline) as usual connection issues. Egret Tours Marina, No Beds, No Power, No Water. Yes, I have traveled to it again and again, HELP!! #Steam #Fallout4 #PS4 #Sony #PlayStation #Unreal


I was recently playing Among Us on my Dell laptop, then I played Call of duty, Minecraft and many more. But it hold it with a glitch so that's why steam will got a new update


PSA: Either a Steam update or a recent #ReachTheFinals game patch broke aiming on PC controller. Disabling Steam Input fixes the issue. Moving to a custom deadzone might also fix it but I haven't tested that as extensively.


PSA: Either a Steam update or a recent #ReachTheFinals game patch broke aiming on PC controller. Disabling Steam Input fixes the issue. Moving to custom a deadzone might also fix it but I haven't tested that as extensively.


tried linking my ever crisis mobile account to PC just to learn there has been a major steam bug the past year oh my ******* *** why Is Valve such a mess you are too old for this


Electric boats? Pah! What you need is a bit of steam power!! (nb Whistle Down The Wind)


Never open the Steam Discussions page for any game if you value your own sanity


while it's probably an error since dungeons and legends are on steam, in the weird alternative universe where bedrock is on steam I'll achievement hunt it. **** it why not


#Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is coming to Steam?! 👀 Source information: r/Steam


Steam is being ******* annoying today, I got back on my computer after like a month or so, first it says steam web helper isn’t responding, I fixed it, now games won’t install due to a disk write error, and after restarting my computer steam doesn’t open at all. I’m ******.


PS5 is 500$ Lacking in fun exclusives.. Needs a tv.. It's Portable solution.. Portal that's another 200$ & needs 24/7 WiFi! Bad ! Atm Steam Deck & Switch are fully portable, cheaper, don't need a tv but can use one if needed & depending on games can play offline.


Saw a tweet complaining about an insane person’s negative Steam review on their game and then someone started complaining about regular bad reviews for actual problems with their game


I’m so sick of battlenet bro. They’re always having server issues. Steam is looking real good right now