Is Steam down? ❌


Steam is a digital distribution platform and online gaming community developed by Valve Corporation

No problems at Steam

Taylor Austin@TaylorAustinC

I can't get Deadly Premonition working, The controls are inverted and from what I read and seen it's been a problem on steam since it came out. Not in a mood to mod a game just for it to work properly, that's insane. So officially ending my playthrough of the game, moving on.

Terminator: Survivors@SurviveTheT800

I'll be back. Terminator: Survivors, available in Steam Early Access on October 24th and coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date. 🔗 Wishlist now on Steam: https://t.co/ZEB9oqDyzU https://t.co/QnAMxZLuE1


The quality of @24hourfitness has tremendously went down over the past 4 years. 1. It's dirty no one cleans anything. 2.steam rooms been out of order for too long compared to their income and how many members they have. 3. Their front desk people are rude. It's disgusting.


I am really sorry. just it was just full of scuff. tracking issues, net droping, steam not working. controller not working. we're hanging out in discord instead


character bug #lastepoch #Steam https://t.co/AVy5KEUWfV


how come epicgames/playstation/xbox/rockstar games/steam have a support hotline but @UbisoftSupport doesnt like bro MY ACC IS GETTING DELETED AND ALL I CAN DO IS WAIT FOR A RESPONSE AND THAT *** KNOWS FOR HOW LONG why is all u guys say is "response times are long rn sry" FIX IT

Bug & Seek@BugAndSeek

The cave biome is out on Steam! Free update for the base game. 😊🪲♥️ https://t.co/kpfGkikpZj

Dino Dadd 🎮@Dino_Dadd

Anyone else having problems with @Focus_entmt #Expeditions Supreme Edition not being able to download on Steam right now?


Today is the Day! The release the Main Data Update for #FM24 is available on STEAM RN! Remember 💡 Quit Steam Verify Gaming Cache re-Apply Real Names Fix & Start Football Manager 2024! Enjoy!

.chantal//RYAN ➡️ GDC@thoughtrise

yall is this a steamworks glitch? it says we have one game eligible to enter steam's Endless Replayability fest but when I click it it says we have no eligible games despite meeting the criteria submitted an appeal over a month ago I believe https://t.co/UWl0vM6VkJ

👑 The Sacred Emperor 👑@TSacredEmperor

#Steam #Valve INCOMPETENCE, LAZINESS OR BOTH? New Steam client update fails to fix some of the functionalities broken by the previous update https://t.co/rAGpdo5rSk


@UbisoftSupport Hey is it possible for you guys to un-link a steam account from a ubisoft account. Because like 6 years ago I let my friend on my steam account and everytime I add a new game to Ubisoft it shows "add to his account" & i need to log out and it's annoying.


Issues with Helldivers 2 not booting up at all on Steam. Is there a current issue? @ArrowheadGS @helldivers2 @Pilestedt https://t.co/jmmZGrVA0b

Breath of Space 👩‍🚀- WISHLIST NOW 💥@cressusgames

We are thrilled to announce that Cressus Games has been accepted into the BUG Lab Tekmer pre-incubation program with our game, Breath of Space. Wishlist Breath of Space on Steam: https://t.co/vhCGTOr4TU https://t.co/zLO9c96AnK

☾ chai@selunites

hotfix comes out i immediately turn my steam options to offline 🫡

Mir《We Heard You》@sakura_holic_

Steam is in offline mode, so I'll wait until a brave soul figures out if Hotfix 20 is safe for the modders ✌️

REO Memewagon@KafeiAizawa

I wish rockstar would ******* add proper quest 2 support for the steam version of LA Noire VR. Error -1 every time, no matter how I launch it.


Always remember: Every gaming platform is flawed and will have issues like this. Steam at one point "claimed" they'd allow everything but backtracked on that fast. Nintendo allowed a lot, but backtracked as well. Sony is a disgrace. Xbox has its own issues.

Jean Yeu@Jeanyeu

dear @Harada_TEKKEN would it be possible to port older Tekken titles to steam? I understand it may be a problem with costs and return of investment. Other fighting game have options to play legacy titles but I was curious to hear your opinion. Regardless, Tekken 8 is wonderful.

6 Cube@sixqub

This is how a valve release works - take the steam off real issues, redirect righteous anger. After another few years give them the ultimate release - elections and voting


Outside of much faster internet, I'd need every storefront to have Steam's versatility. Let me play ALL my old games on my new machines and let me redownload any and all of my games years down the line, regardless of delistings. None of this will ever happen for consoles

Giovanni Juarez@Townsmangio3

DBD fix your ******* servers on steam. there is always a **** issue almost every day

Danielle (Nellie) Friedman@NellieFriedman8

can apple employees not be so dismissive of issues? like if she say Steam is not the problem, STEAM IS NOT THE PROBLEM


Hello Brawlers! We have rolled out a hotfix for Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox which corrects an issue with the Avatar of War not showing up in some players’ Inventories. All players on those platforms can now access the Avatar after installing the update.


I am so tired of having to completely reinstall BG3 every time there's a steam update. I've checked everything a hundred times and can't figure out why it gets stuck validating over and over for infinite hours after an update 🫠 never had issues with any other game why bg3 whyyy

Doug R@DougR69

Anyone notice how XRP goes up a couple of cents one day and down the next? It is the result of automated buy n sell options. Everyone is skimming off the pennies so XRP can't build up steam for a bull run.


Although Erin is a kind and friendly gal, her magic is serious business! The Glitch Fairy is here! https://t.co/hwCZLPKWhY https://t.co/q5x09mNfpN Join our Discord!: https://t.co/h0KlqGVwGA #gamemaker #glitchfairy #indiegame #videogames #steam #itchio https://t.co/afglUqPPTo

CHI XU!@comet_melting

is it just me or does sf6 have a really weird issue with properly closing out on steam? i was wondering why my discord status said i was playing it all day when i am definitely not and it turned out steam thought it was still open

Nell_and_Void | Project Tsunami@Nell_and_Void

guess who still hasn't fixed their steam issue? and is now finding a million other things wrong? couldn't possibly be me...

Shawn Clapper 🧩Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams Creator🧩@ShawnClapper

Got a #steam notification for a game on sale and my brain immediately went into #IndieGameDev/customer service mode. Someone is having problems in our game with the what? https://t.co/rtnTHNcy3g