Is Steam down? ❌


Steam is a digital distribution platform and online gaming community developed by Valve Corporation

No problems at Steam


getting Steam gifted some random niche **** that your friend is really into


So... #Multiversus had a beta 2 years ago that peaked at 150k on Steam ALONE. Steam peaked today at 100k and yet the servers are down anyway. BRUH.


is anyone else #Multiversus (steam) not working


Don't get it on steam, don't make the same mistake I did You can't play when Steam is down and you can't use the non-steam windows launcher


🚀 Layer 2 scaling solutions are picking up steam. Can they fix Ethereum's high fees and slow transactions #Ethereumpen_spark


No they wouldn’t, they have no games. Same problem they had the first time The switch 2 will outsell it The steam deck will outsell it I’m tired of seeing this tweet every 2 weeks


So, I ordered the Final Shape Pre order for my Account on steam after transferring my Destiny 2 account to my PC. It says that I have refunded it on Steam, I can't do that. So what's the problem @Destiny2Team @Bungie


@CODUpdates @ATVIAssist Has anyone encountered this problem or knows how to solve it? My Activision account is linked to my Steam account, and this Activision account has two-factor authentication enabled. However, because I changed my phone before and forgot to re-add it to the authenticator app,


You want my Steam Account? You can have it! I wrote down logins and passwords to my email and Steam together on one sticky note. Now you'll just have to find it!


Anyone having issues with @klownsthegame on #steam just exit completely out and go back in and you can download it


okay wait what about steam games that i have. imagine getting swept by Bug Fables the dracozolt


I actually recently reset my laptop with the intention of downloading older games on it. But i don't feel like installing Steam because i don't need that slowing down my already slow computer.


Any PC owners come across an issue where every time you try to play a Steam game your whole PC crashes? I’ve factory reset my PC several times already and I’m still getting this issue. I was able to play XDefiant just fine the other day but when I switch to a Steam game my PC ***** itself.


Making my videos soon! If you haven't shoved your Steam Next Fest game down below, please do so I can include them! #SteamNextFest


A simple fix, just have all of the account info in the will. "And to Jimmy, here is my Steam Account Information, enjoy *** With Hitler 3 and My Furry Protogen, it is more valuable than anything else in this will"


Valve is supposed to be on cutting edge of technology when it comes to games but they can't stop some basement kids with a few to many steam accounts. Pathetic. Fix tf2 now


This tweet is regarding @philipsindia I purchased a steam iron and it is creating many issue after a time. And they give services also, repair and return but that steam iron is still have leakage problem also the service center didn't fit it properly. #philips #philips #iron


Microsoft running Steam into the ground then closing it down would not be good for gaming


One game down, five more to go. It's been a blast revisiting Half-Life 2 on the Xbox 360! I will definitely show off what differences that I noticed from the Console and Steam version in the near future.


I was gonna show off how I used my steam deck as a Wii U gamepad but then I realized my camera got astigmatism 😭


My attempt to play X defiant. Not on steam, have to google how to play it. Download an installer from their site. Does not work, throws an error. Download again, it works Try to create account Forced to do captcha, stuck in a loop identifying fire hydrants. Give up.


Lmfao ggs my Activision got jacked from someone on PC and they signed me out of my cod account and linked a steam account to it @ATVIAssist


$tao is having a lot of issues attracting a bid atm. Seems like #ai is losing a little steam to memes.


is there a genuine reason why steam throttles my download speeds so hard? maybe a ws specific issue but ive noticed it with games too, i have like 900 mb/second but it takes a 2 minutes to download 100 mb worth of ws content :( its not like, a huge issue, but its a bit annoying


The steam deck dock is kind of a piece of ****, idk if its more a software or hardware issue but i am always having having problems with it on my tv


I really am struggling liking Ubisoft games on the Steam Deck or PC. I lost 3.5 hours on AC Rogue. No clue why. I didn’t install, delete and reinstall. Went to play and all of my previous saves were gone. I have had the issue of playing, deleting and reinstalling with no save.


i will be passing down my steam login to my children and my childrens children. you cant stop me, valve


i will not buy another video game until I finish at least five video games. maybe TEN video games. there are over 400+ in my combined switch and steam library and this isn't even including the 3DS/DS games OR the ps2 games I own on the shelf over there. I have a problem.


Who TF can help me get #warzone to work ? I keep getting application error through steam & Battlenet


@EAHelp My Steam is linked to some disabled account. purchase made on @Steam cant play the game. HELP! 😩😩