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There were no incidents detected with Steam on 18 Nov 2023.

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Steam outage map · 18 Nov 2023

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Overall on 18 Nov 2023 we received reports mainly from 🇷🇺 Russian Federation - Volgograd, Lipetsk, Cherepovets


So there’s no chance of an eventual disc or DRM-free release of the game with this patch right? The ability to play Redfall offline will forever be tied to the Microsoft or Steam servers.


Playing 76 with an #xbox wireless controller on a #pc using the #steam version of #fallout 76. When the controller powers down I have to restart the game to reconnect it. Any ideas folks? @Fallout @Bethesda_UK @Steam


Why was the fix adding it to Steam as a Non-Steam game and running it through Steam


Steam ended expectedly early due to a major crash We'll be staying offline till Nayu delivers a J We'll be back live in an hr


I've had a game tonight tell me that save files from version 1x are not compatible with the current version Had another game completely tear itself down from unity and rebuild in unreal with 1/4 the features. Like steam is a live service offering of games w/ no opt out.


HELP! I CANT ACCESS MY Steam Account! Someone must… Help me! PLEASE!


So, my Facebook account got hacked and my Steam Account got hacked as well... Good thing I was already online to do something about it. Now I'm changing my password for everything just incase...


my friends steam account got hacked any tips ?


All right so on that promise of content...... My headset has been acting up the past few days. I cannot use it as it is giving me steam error code 208 and Vive error code 201. I have been emailing back and forth with Vive customer support. hopefully it'll be solved soon.


My EA launcher worked for 1 day, and now it is back to this. Logging off and on doesn't fix it. Restarting my PC doesn't fix it. Whilst I can launch from Steam (which didn't fix this) I wanted to be able to buy the new kits direct, but I can't. @EAHelp


found a random f2p horror game on steam how bad is it??


Sheesh, imagine seeing these 2 MAMMOTHS coming down the lane full steam at you


Now that gaming is returning home to PC I think it's clear that not only did Playstation win the console wars but the PS2 has hands down the greatest games library. Now all that remains is hopefully a movement to port all the PS2 classics to steam.


It's very funny that the Steam Deck and Mac don't let you choose RGB range for HDMI output. This is a problem the Nintendo Switch does not have.


Your account is locked and restricted from playing on secure servers in response to a violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement or until the account's owner contacts Steam Support. Seems like a response to the accounts that are banned due to case farming.


Anyone else having issues listing items on the steam market? :(


Anyone else having issues with steam images loading this evening? 👀


full steam ahead.


I swear to ***, I never thought I'd see a more disappointing game launch than Cyberpunk 2077,but dammit @multiversus has done the unthinkable! FIX YOUR GAME(especially on Steam)!!! 🤬😤


If you want you can start pre-downloading and installing the #SWTOR 7.5 update if you have Steam, it's a little over 1 GB. (The servers are still down for planned maintenance though)


Steam down?


Would you buy an Xbox console that was developed by another manufacturer? Same operation system (SystemOS) and Xbox games but with Steam integration for approved games (similar to Steam Deck verified games).


May flash adapter is working fine with a steam deck but then isn’t working in multiversus, anyone know how to fix this 😭


I wonder why Steam is down every time I'm sleeping.


Thanks to anyone who came to my stream! Sorry for the scuffedness and the internet issues at the end. Also how do I stream to a pre-scheduled YouTube steam????? (;_;)


Been tryna fix Decky Loader on my steam deck for the last 2hrs. I'm tired


Is Steam having issues this evening?


Steam servers are down. I'm going to kill myself


not steam going down mid game 🥲 #IEM #IEMDallas


Is @Steam down right now for CoD?