Is Streamlabs down? ❌


Streamlabs is a popular platform and suite of tools designed for content creators, particularly those who livestream their content on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms

No problems at Streamlabs


been having technical difficulties getting this up on all platforms now getting many alerts of frame drops. this almost never happens may just go without stream tonight if issues persist so I can actually play the game @streamlabs what is wrong with your multistreaming servers. I can't stream directly from streamlabs without dropping tons of frames, and I can't stream to custom multistream ingest on OBS on another PC - the stream just never goes live. Its very frustrating when I try to set up a live stream for an hour and a half only to restart it 3-4 times and twitch say I'm streaming 15FPS. This has never happened to this extent before where everything is just broken to the max, but I'm done trying with this broken workflow for tonight. just wish a premium service would actually be reliable for once