Is The Sims FreePlay down? ❌


The Sims FreePlay is a popular mobile game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) that allows players to create and control virtual characters, known as Sims, in a simulated world. It is a free-to-play game available for both iOS and Android devices

No problems at The Sims FreePlay


I've not even had this popup in my game so I can't even claim the first item. But like I hate how players are now going to feel pressured into logging into the game each day/week. Some people can't access the game every single day or week. Well done @TheSims 🙃


I updated my game and deleted my mods. However I kept my CC. It worked at first but as I activated CC and my Poses and Build/Buy my save showed a error messages, so I removed my CC. The save loaded and now all sims in the save are gone. Nobody lives there. All deleted. @TheSims


Servo is also having a bad day. He got stuck in a rain storm and shorted out. No worries! Ross will be able to fix him! #TheSims #TheSims4


This is a reminder that tomorrow there is going to be a patch update for @TheSims 4 introducing free content, a ton of bug fixes and optimisations! This patch could break lots of mods, so please remember to backup your saves and remove your mods!


Sorry, For not Sharing my latest Creation...🥹 Wacky Trailer park... My Net is Down...😠 Using a WiFi hotspot... Net provider said it might of been a lighting strike... 🌩️ So here's a little vid to pass the time...😁 #showUsYourBuilds #TMone54 #TheSims4 #TheSims #trailers


This tweet going to send me back down the sims freeplay hole many an itunes gift cards were spent…


BRUHHHH my ******* sims 4 just reset itself 😡😡😡😡 i lost all my saves and none of my cc is showing up in the **** game 😡 @TheSims @EA @EAHelp @TheSimCommunity FIX MY GAME


In just a few weeks @TheSims 4 Werewolves will be 2 years old. The last time we had a Game Pack 🥲❤️


Fortunately, my game rarely crashes but I hope @TheSims fixes the door locking issue for Residential Rentals.


Oh. My. *******. ***. I am so **** sick of EA. I have played sims 4 for SO MANY HOURS and it ******* shuts down when I'm editing the town... like... WHY IS THIS NOT FIXED?! @EA #thesims #thesims4


Not this ******* game not working again @TheSims FIX YOUR ****


I was able to play #TheSims once since downloading the new EA interface ... this is bullshit Steven. THE SAME FRIKKIN ERROR MESSAGE?!?! SOMEBODY FIX IT


I hope @TheSims team goes bankrupt so they Can't Ruin the game anymore with mandatory updates and kits that break the game! Then we can fix the errors and play a decent game for once!!


My sims got invited to something almost every day on Sims 3. @TheSims fix this!


Can @TheSims fix my game


Is anyone else having issues playing the sims 4? The game randomly turns off, infants aren't working at all, it's saying I don't have packs I own. I own all the packs etc except for the new 2 that came out recently. I need advice please @TheSims @TheSimCommunity @TheSimsDirect


What is happening with the @EA app on windows 11 computers? @EAHelp seeing lots of people posting about it not working. It won’t launch, won’t uninstall, won’t work 😡 @TheSims game won’t launch and it’s been days


Snow Problem Player Favorite Quest Set 4 requires 1 Sim at the most and takes approximately 12 hours to complete. #TheSimsFreeplay


anyone else having problems with the @EA app/ @TheSims launching today? Or is it just me 😅


Dare I say it. I think it’s safe to say now 👀 I’ve been watching my in-game custom photos for over 30 days now. Yall I think @TheSims finally fixed the black photo error 🥹 They definitely updated photos (this may be news to just me) Praise the Watcher 😆@lumpinou


What is with the @ea app lately?! Either it doesn’t load or it gives me errors. I just want to play @thesims. :(


#EAApp @EA @TheSims #ea #electronicarts Pls fix your App!! It has been days since myself and many others can't access our games via your broken app! No communication or bug reports from the users have been acknowledged!


I'll say it again. Focus on fixing errors from already existing content from years ago. We don't need new right now we need working. @TheSims #TheSims4


Whenever #TheSims proposes another patch fix


Hey @TheSims @TheSimsDirect @SimGuruNinja --- please make this change. The lag issues are STILL terrible, especially for those of us that either a) have all 73+ packs, b) use custom content, or c) both! #TheSims #TheSims4 #SimBuilders


Can’t plan events in my game 😭😭😭 Is this a regular bug or is a mod interfering?? #TheSims #TheSims4 @TheSims


Is anyone else having issues with activity tables (fabricator, Chemistry Lab, Robotics Workstation)..? My sims go to use these then lose the interaction right away, never starting the task. #TheSims4 #thesims #sims4 #sims @EAHelp


This makes me so sad! Anyone else had this bug in For Rent? There’s so much fixing the EP still needs @thesims @Deligracy shouldn’t be apologising for bugs!


Please fix #ForRent @TheSims it shouldn’t be this buggy


please fix the funds transfer bug @TheSims