Is The Witcher down? ❌


The Witcher is a popular fantasy series that originated from a series of books written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The series follows the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter known as a Witcher, in a world full of magical creatures, monsters, and political intrigue

No problems at The Witcher


We're aware of the issue in @witchergame on PC where the game crashes upon loading a save when playing on DirectX 11 with NVIDIA HairWorks enabled, and we're looking into it. In the meantime, as a workaround please try disabling HairWorks (Options → Video → Graphics).


9 years later the atmosphere of this game is still unmatched. Happy birthday, The Witcher 3!🥰


If the game has an option to choose the gender of a character, I often prefer to choose a female one. But if the game already has an idea that the main character is male, I have no problems with that. I love "*** of war" and "The witcher" games, for example🫶


Getting the witcher bug again


I'm sorry, I didn't know I asked a Ping Pong Ball between a Sorcerer with Mommy Issues and a Witcher with Mommy Issues for an opinion.


Skyrim hands down, Witcher 2 was good but had bad controls, Never played New Vegas, Final Fantasy 10 is a close second tho!


Going live tonight, but my voice is not working today. The Witcher 1 stream tonight at 7.30 PM CEST #madebywarriorjane12


It is funny, I have been replaying the Witcher 3 lately and I still count it as one of the best games I have ever played but, the music lets the game down so hugely. I didn't remember the music standing out before, for good or bad but ****, it is really bad.


PSA: The source code for CDPR's last good game The Witcher 3 just leaked. No, Cyberpunk was never and is still not a good game. Although we're probably getting source code for that too so maybe someone can fix it into an actual good game.


With the success of The Witcher, The Last of Us & Fallout What's the best video game you'd like to see adapted into a TV Series?


Bartering a dude for the witcher board game down from 1000 to 750 but he wants 800 🙃 am I being retarded for a board game or should I get it


Returned my ps5 under warranty because just about every game I play crashes or worse giving error ce 108255-01 slim model doing the same thing. Can't play gta, shadow of the colossus hard crashes the console, the Witcher 3, assassins creed valhalla, none of them playable.


🪶This week's schedule🪶 ✨I picked out several games I wanna play and maybe rebrand my Thursday stream from Cult of the Lamb to Witcher 3! ✨Also, gonna celebrate the end of the world offline tomorrow because scary moon dares to align with the sun🤪


#warzonemobile on most devices looks and performs like The Witcher 3 did on #NintendoSwitch . A muddy blurry mess of pixels with **** poor frames.


definitely played more than a whole 24 hours of witcher 3, skyrim and botw in one go


How did games like Baldur's Gate 3, Starfield, Elden Ring, The Witcher 3, Skyrim, the large live-service titles, PvP shooters (like CS) do so well if people don't have time? Playtime ain't the issue. It's that too many games has a huge scope & not enough gameplay to support it


Really offline - Geralt


Geralt is completely offline.


Anybody have an idea why my Airtel just stopped working and has been showing no service since Saturday??!!🙂


Last Epoch is a very well done RPG despite the server issues on launch. It has an offline mode that I love and the graphics are beautiful. Nice alternative after a great POE league. Haven’t been this excited about a game since Witcher came out.


I have a video(mystery) coming out tomorrow. Next Sunday another Worst Reviewed Steam Games. Through all of this I will be finally cracking down and getting The Witcher 3 video done. It's gonna take a bit, but I'm going to push through and probably get that one out in March.


So @microsoft have taken the share in pdf function off their apps for phone and tablets for word or excel documents! Why did you do this! 😡 causing nothing but problems this week! And going to take ages to convert from office365 to google apps now to get this function back! 👎


I was gonna play witcher 3 more but I apparently have a glitch that makes all the water invisible and that’s sorta soured the experience :(